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Bob Dylan 950701 at Roskilde, Denmark

Date:    Sun, 2 Jul 1995 11:29:11 GMT
From:    guest2 guest2 (guest2@REMOTE.INFORM-BBS.DK)
Subject: His Bobness at Roskilde

This was an intimate night with Bobby playing almost
all solos himself (guitar and harmonica).

I didn't take notes but I think the program was:

Before The Flood
Ballad in D (I think)
Tangled Up In Blue
Highway 61
Seeing The Real You At Last
Don't think twice
Knocking On Heavens Door

(I can't remember the rest)

Mostly sensitive versions, where his Bobness was backed by
the usual crew.



Date: Sun, 2 Jul 1995 16:08:01 -0400 From: Ray Schweighardt (rainman@GALAXY.NET) Subject: Re: His Bobness at Roskilde Geez, if he did "Ballad in Plain D" I'll eat my hooded sweatshirt.
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 1995 09:11:41 +0200 From: Marc de Oliveira Subject: His Bobness at Roskilde, part II By the way that mail about Roskilde was send from a BBS-service at the Roskilde Festival! I think the Internet is seriously comming to be for everybody... Back to the topic. Later that day a couple of more songs came to me: He also played: Tears Of Rage The Times They Are A-Changing It takes at lot to Laugh... Girl of The North Country The local newspaper gave him the positive review that he deserved. Sincerely, Marc
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 1995 11:00:21 GMT From: Frank Justesen (Frank_Justesen@ONLINE.POL.DK) Subject: Roskilde Setlist Thanks to Sven Eric Alm for a good review from Oslo. Greeting to Jan from Praha. Sorry you couldn't join us. Thanks to Kaj Borum for bringing both of us home. Setlist from Roskilde 1. July. With (no) one hand waving free.! Dylan was playing full guitar during the whole show in front of near by 70.000 people: Down In The Flood It Takes A Lot To Laugh ... Watchtower Tears Of Rage I Don't Believe You Silvio Tangled Up In Blue (a) Girl From The North Country (a) Don't Think Twice (a) Seeing You Real You At Last I'll Remember You Highway 61 Encore: Knockin On Heavens Door (Great electric version) The Times They Are ... (a) Only fourteen songs but the total times was 1 hour and 45 minutes anyway. As Sven Eric wrote from Oslo: There was a lot of guitar playing in the end of almost all songs. Frank.
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 1995 16:18:03 +0100 From: "Mattias Davidsson, v95" (MATTIASD@LUFYSIK.FYSIK.LU.SE) Subject: MyFirst Dylan concert, Roskilde Recently I visited the Roskilde festival. At first I thought I'd go to se Bob on an ordinary concert, but then it showed that Roskilde was the nearest plase he'd be playing on. When I finally decided that Roskilde was to be the place of the event, I decided to go to the nearest record store to by the ticket... But in just one week most of the tickets were sold out in the hole of the south of Sweden. I started ringin, and found ten tickets in a store some 30km away, but he wouldn let me book one! I decided to give it a try anyway and tokk the nearest bus to the trainstation. Unluckely I missed one bus wich showed to be almost a disaster, cause when I arrived at the train station I decided to ring the store... they were all gone, and so were my hopes to get to see Bob. A couple of days later the danish Roskilde commity claimed that the tickets were sold out, but a friend of mine who was on hunt for a ticket himself, decided to take the boat to Copenhagen for a last try. That evening an old buddy of mine, who was terrified that he wouldnt get any trvelling companion, called.. and then I almost started to believe in god.... he'd been to a party and met a guy who had to tickets to sell... for the original price. My friend who went to Copenhagen actually found a ticket too, soo now we were more and marryier... The days at the capming lot went by and there were lot's of great bands and artists that performed. I have to name the PJ Harvey concert as probably the best I've ever seen. The hours before Bob was going on stage my stumach went crazy, and I got more and more nervous about having to stand ther in front of the scene with no chance to get out. But I thought that "hey" this is a Dylan concert, not some "Head bangers ball's stagedivers paradise". It showed that I was partly wrong. One our before the concert I headed for the big orange scene. I thought I was early, but I soon gave up the thought of standing just in front of the scene. I also gave up finding my friend who was to be there somewere in the crowd. The minutes past slow as a turtle with brocial humonia, and the crowd was getting bigger. I got a place pretty close to the stage, behind a big yello safety bar and I was thinking that I would get to stand there during the whole concert... wrong again. Finally he came on stage right after his band, and they started playing. It started with a chock as I couldnt recognize what song he was plaing, I knew I'd heard it before but it was so different, later I got to know that it was Down into the flood. As the empty space between the people in the audience shrunk towards infiniticemal sizes the concert got better and better, and Bob got happier and happier. He walsed around with his harmonica, staring at the people close to the stage with a grin, and seemed happy with hes beeing. Suddenly a foot bounced of my head, and I didn't think it was possible, not on a Dylan concert... As I lokked around me I saw all kinds of people, there were teenagers and men in beard old enough to be my father. As the crowd started to move I couldnt hang on to the safetybar anymore, and I was thumbled sideways to another safetybar. Of course ther were teenage girls sitting on those, so you really had to work hard to get a good look of the Bob. On the bar there was also an older woman with her hands wrapped around the neck of a new found friend. She asked of his age, he was twenty, then she started to talk to him about what she was doing twenty years ago... Next to me, duringalmost the whole concert, there was a little man in grey beard and glasses. He, like the rest of us, was wet as water, and he seemed a little tense. Most of the time he couldn turn so he had to spend mutch of the time with his back towards the stage. But at the end of the concert the band started playing one of his favourite songs, and nothing could stop him, he got is arms up, looked at me, started clapping and cheering. It was a wonderful wiew, and it didnt get worse because of the music. It was a great show, and people got happy. As I looked into the eyes of the grey bearded man I got to think that in some aspects, time doesnt change so mutch.... The End. If anybody has an opinion on the concert, or a TAPE of it to trade, please e-mail me on my own adress and I would be greatfull to you forever and after.
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