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Bob Dylan 950707 at Glachau, Germany

Date:    Sat, 8 Jul 1995 00:58:16 +0200
From:    Henrik Drewelow (Henrik.Dremelow@INFORMATIK.TU-CHEMNITZ.DE)
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glauchau setlist

crash on the levee
lay lady lay
all along the watchtower
you're a big girl now
watching the river flow

tangled up in blue
masters of war
it's all over now, baby blue

memphis blues again
she belongs to me
seeing the real you at last

i shall be released
my back pages

rainy day women

the show was so la la (i've seen better days but who has not)

DYLAN-INFORMATIONSDIENST-UNTERE-SAAR E.V. says hello to the "keuchinger bub"
in san diego

Andreas Kreusch Setlist Glachau Germany July 7th setlist: 1. Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood) 2. Lay Lady Lay 3. All Along The Watchtower 4. You'Re A Big Girl Now 5. Watching The River Flow 6. Silvio 7. Tangled Up In Blue 8. Masters Of war 9. It's All Over Now, baby Blue 10. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again 11. She Belongs To Me 12. Seeing The Real You At Last 13. I Shall Be Released 14. My Back Pages 15. Rainy day Women #12&35
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 06:16:59 -0500 From: Thomas Weigel (tweigel@AIXTERM1.URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE) Subject: Vintage Bob in Glauchau Bob's concert in Glauchau on July 7th was different to the ones I'd seen before (87 with Tom Petty and last year). The site of the concert was a park in the small town of Glauchau, Saxonia (former East Germany). My friend Thomas and I arrived early and walked up to the stage, where Winston and Bucky were arranging their instruments. At five security chased everybody from the place to allow a private soundcheck. We listened from outside. Bob wasn't there, but the band did two great songs with I don't know who singing. Positively 4th street When I paint my masterpiece JJ Jackson started playing the chords to Tangled up in Blue but didn't sing. The show was attended by ca 4000 people. We got real close to the stage. Opening act were local band RENFT, who were banned during communist times. The people knew a lot of the songs and sang along. When Renft left the stage, it was quickly decorated for the great moment. Somebody put glowing incense all over the stage. Does Bob need that now? Dylan and the band walked on at 8.05p.m. The Maestro was wearing dark shades and the by now famous blue silk shirt. ELECTRIC 1) Down in the Flood A good song, but Dylan wasn't yet warmed up. 2) Lay lady lay A great choice. The singing was mediocre, but Bob's guitar solos (electric) were very inspired. He played mainly blue notes. 3) All along the watchtower His standard rocker, done with too much routine and too long (endless solos by both Bob and JJ). 4) You're a big girl now An odd choice. Dylan seemed unfamiliar with the song. 5) Watching the river flow The first remarkable thing was the rhythm. Fast, light, rhythm. It made you want to dance. 6) Silvio It has been remarked before that his new version of the song is better than the album version. I agree. A good rocker which Dylan obviously enjoys. ACOUSTIC 7) Tangled up in blue The great highlight of the show. Two acoustic guitars, mandolin and upright bass. Dylan sings a great version, starting with verse one, then the "topless" verse, then the second verse. He sings the BotT version with only minor lyric changes (truck drivers instead of carpenters). Before the last few verses he plays several solos on the acoustic guitar, with a lot of commitment. He sings the last verses and then JJ keeps on playing the chords, while Dylan puts away his guitar, walks around on the stage, finds a harmonica somewhere. The audience start to scream. Dylan picks up the microphone and waits for the beginning of the verse to come around again. He starts to play two verses on just two notes, but to great effect. By the fourth time or so he uses the whole spectrum of the harmonica. This Tangledversion must have been at least 12 Minutes long. It's my favourite version of my favourite song. 8) Masters of war Very good rhythm, Dylan singing without guitar, really concentrating on the singing. Again he plays a great harmonica part at the end. 9) It'S all over now, Baby Blue Sung with passion. ELECTRIC AGAIN 10) Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again Good to understand singing, which is especially important with songs like this. During the song Dylan takes off his glasses, which is greeted with loud audience screams. He still doesn't smile, but he is warmed up. 11) She belongs to me Again, Dylan seemed to not know why he'd chosen this old song. He sings it accordingly. 12) Seeing the real you at last Good routine, although he hasn't performed the song too often. It is about 9.40 now. Dylan bows, puts his arms up as Elvis used to do at the ends of concerts, bows (it appears he's never done that before) and walks off, talking to JJ, who's picked up a record sleeve somebody's thrown onto the stage (it's the unplugged album). ENCORE 1 13) I shall be released Electric version, not very rousing. 14) My back pages The second highlight: An acoustic My back pages, where Dylan concentrates on the words and sings it with real passion. It's again very long. ENCORE 2 15) Rainy Day Women Nos 12&35 As usual, but nevertheless a good rocker (a woman turns around to tell me, tears in her eyes: That's rock'n'roll). The concert was definitely the best I've seen by Bob. Though there were routine songs and odd ones he put all his feelings into the highlight songs Tangled and Back Pages. Also, his guitar playing, both acoustic and electric, was very good. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. Tommy (
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