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Bob Dylan 950708 in Munich, Germany

Setlist  July 8, 1995
Terminal 1, München, Germany

Down In The Flood
Man In The Long Black Coat
All Along The Watchtower
I Believe In You
Most Likely You'll Go Your Way..
@ Mr Tambourine Man
@ Boots Of Spanish Leather
@ To Ramona
Everything Is Broken
Every Grain Of Sand
Highway 61
Like A Rolling Stone
@ It Ain't Me Babe
Rainy Day Women 12&35

(ca. 125' total time)

(Thomas Storch)

Jfry Blair: Bravo! Bravo! What a setlist! Cant wait for a tape : )
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 11:01:07 +0200 From: Herbert Adam (100424.642@COMPUSERVE.COM) Subject: Dylan july 8th On july 8th Dylan played in Munich at the Terminal One. A few tickets were still available just before the concert - but the concert hall was packed with people (maybe 3000 standing), so you can say it was a sold-out. He was accompanied by the same band like on the MTV show (except the organist). The show started right on time at 8pm and lasted until 10pm. The band was fantastic like during the whole tour. I've seen Bob a few month earlier this year in F|rth. But this time I enjoyed the show more than in March. In F|rth, when I saw him last time, he just picked up his guitar a few times and the show was completely dominated by the band and Dylan still seem to be ill. This time Bob and the band formed a unity and he was playing guitar all the time - except during the first two songs of the accoustic part, when he just played harmonica. He even played some lead and his voice was clear and strong during the whole show. It was a very rock'n'roll dominated show. Especially 'Watchtower', 'HWY61' and 'Rainy day women' were played in pretty hard arrangements. There was a lot of lead guitar playing between the verses, but not as much as Dylan practised it a couple of years ago. On the other hand the accoustic part was very soft and beautiful. Dylan didn't talk to the audience except three 'thank yous' and the presentation of the band. A very good rock'n'roll show with a very, very enthusiastic audience. Setlist: electric Crash on the levee Man in the long black coat All along the watchtower I believe in you Most likely you go your way Silvio accoustic Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob plays harmonica) Boot of spanish leather (Bob plays harmonica) To Ramona electric Everything is broken Every grain of sand Highway 61 encore Like a rolling stone (electric) It ain't me, babe (accoustic, Bob plays harmonica)) Rainy day women (electric)
Dates 1995