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Bob Dylan 950710 in Stuttgart, Germany

Date:    Tue, 11 Jul 1995 13:08:32 UT
From:    Maximilian Zvttl 
Subject: Stuttgart 10th July 1995: A Great Show!

 Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome Columbia recording artist BOB
DYLAN!  The show started right on time at 20:00 sharp with what I presume was
CRASH ON THE LEVEE/DOWN IN THE FLOOD, although I am not sure, as I am not
very familiar with that song. I was glad to find that the sound mix was just
right, very carefully balanced, but more important, Bob was in good voice,
better than when I saw him in 94 or 93. The way he looked, however... my
girlfriend was horrified, he seemed so old, so resigned, only held together
by his jacket. He hardly moved, appeared stiff and uncomfortable, no emotion
showing in his face. The songs however - a very different thing! Next was THE
MAN IN ME, quite different in character from the New Morning version, without
the la-la-la parts, a lot sadder, but quite impressive. By now it was clear
that we were going to see a very quiet, almost introspective show. ALL ALONG
THE WATCHTOWER was next, as usual a very efficient crowd mover, but not as
blazing as some other times. The next song was an early highlight for me:
BORN IN TIME. By coincidence, I had listened to it often in recent weeks - I
love the version on Hard Times in Alabama (Huntsville, AL, 19.4.93). Now
another version, another tune, Bob played lead guitar - hauntingly beautiful.
I was moved deeply by the melancholy of this wonderful performance, more than
I can say. SHELTER FROM THE STORM started very slow, just his voice and Bucky
Baxters slide guitar, the others joined, gradually accelerating. Another
highlight for me, much in the same vein as Born in Time. The electric set
closed with SILVIO, which was a lot better than the studio version.
YOU VE BEEN ON MY MIND - I haven t heard this one often, but sure will do so
more in the future. Good choice, IMHO. MASTERS OF WAR - we had just listened
to it in the car on our way to through the Black Forest, Antje had been very
impressed by the lyrics. Dylan sans guitar, enunciating very clearly, great
harmonica solo, as indeed in the previous song and in ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS.
His voice was very clear, sad, moving, heightening again the melancholy and
sense of loneliness that came through in this concert.
GOD KNOWS - this is
really perfect for going electric again, the way it builds up, then
boom-a-dee-boom-a-dee-booom Winston Watson s drums set in - wow! Someone
posted Watson reminded him of Animal in the Muppets show - you could say,
that, I guess... and may I add I have always thought that this is precisely
how a good drummer should be! WHAT GOOD AM I - introspection, resignation,
self-doubt: a familiar theme by now. Before or after this song he had
introduced the band members. I didn t understand much of it, but apparently
he had to correct himself about WW, saying something like,  on drums, of
course, Winston Watson  and cracked a big smile, then made another joke
(again, I didn t catch it :-(  , but at least I could count them). Somehow,
his mood had changed by then, as LEOPARD SKIN PILLBOX HAT was very energetic
and great fun for the enthusiastic audience as well as a smiling Bob. Great
timing, everyone was hot for the encore!
I wonder what the critics will
write about this concert - BALLAD OF A THIN MAN was surely for them. Bob let
us all share his sadness and despair with him during most of the show, but
now it was time to smile and to party, to feel good, we all joined for the
chorus in THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGING. Off the went, back they came for
RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 & 35 - I never liked the drug message in this song but
most admit I joined singing  everybody must get stoned . Oh well, you can get
stoned with some good music just as well. And I sure did this time. Great

(BTW: anybody got a tape...?)

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 10:39:29 MET From: SCHMAL ANDREAS (SCHMAL@PCMAIL.UNI-TRIER.DE) Subject: SETLIST STUTTGART, Germany, July 10th SETLIST: 1) Drifter's Escape 2) The Man In Me 3) All Along The Watchtower 4) Born In Time 5) Shelter From The Storm 6) Silvio 7) Mama, You Been On My Mind 8) Masters Of War 9) One Too Many Mornings 10) God Knows 11) What Good Am I? 12) Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 13) Ballad Of A Thin Man 14) The Times They Are A-Changin' 15) Rainy Day Women #12&35 STAGE-SETLIST: abbreviations and the mistake in writing ("beleivers") are original Down In The Flood Man In Me / Senor Watchtower Teardrops / Born In Time 4th Street / Shelter / Takes A Train Silvio ------------------------------------- Tangled / Mama Masters One Too Many Mornings -------------------------------------- God Knows What Good Am I / I&I 5 Beleivers / Pill Box --------------------------------------- Highway / Mr. Jones
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