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Bob Dylan 950712 in Dortmund, Germany

Date:    Thu, 13 Jul 1995 10:47:55 MET
Subject: SETLIST DORTMUND, Germany, july 12th

1) Drifter's Escape
2) Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
3) All Along The Watchtower
4) Shooting Star
5) It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
6) Silvio

7) Tangled Up In Blue
8) Boots Of Spanish Leather
9) It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

10) Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
11) I Believe In You
12) Cat's In The Well

13) Knockin' On Heaven's Door
14) My Back Pages

15) Rainy Day Women #12&35

the show totally disappointed my good friend carsten. for me,
this concert was one of the finest i ever had seen. mr. dylan's
voice was full of feeling and very clear, the work of both
guitar-playing gentlemen was devotedly and turned out well. carsten
maintains the contrary. it seems that the tapes must decide who was
right or wrong. anyhow it could be possible that there is no right or
wrong because perhaps the greatest problem of the current tour seems
to be that every show sounds totally different depending from where
you stand. while carsten was standing on the right side, he could not
hear john jackson's guitar. on the left side, where i was
standing, the sound was alright (maybe mr. baxter was thrusted a
little bit to much into the background). our disagreement about the
show tells me that stereo sound may be not the best idea for creating
a delightful concert for all listeners.
however, as far as i'm concerned i have had 125 great minutes in the
westfalenhalle 2 last night.

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 13:59:30 GMT From: Markus Wobisch (wobisch@DICE2.DESY.DE) Subject: Re: SETLIST DORTMUND, Germany, july 12th : this concert was one of the finest i ever had seen. I agree totally that this was a very great concert - much better than the years before where I have seen him. Everybody in the audience enjoyed this. They played all songs quite long (the concert was 125 min. and it didn't include more song than the '94 concert in Cologne which lasted only about 95 min) with nice improvisations!! At the end of Tangled_up_in_blue Bob put away his guitar for the harmonica solo and also the next song (Boots Of Spanish Leather) was performed without guitar!! After Knockin' they wanted to leave the stage but the applause from the audience was so great that Bob turned to Tony and said something to him and they stayed for 'My Back Pages'. When they played the refrain of 'Rainy Day Women' Bob sang: "But I would not feel so alone..." than he went back one step, smiled and enjoyed it when the crowd sang: "Ev'rybody...." : wrong because perhaps the greatest problem of the current tour seems : to be that every show sounds totally different depending from where : you stand. while carsten was standing on the right side, he could not : hear john jackson's guitar. on the left side, where i was : standing, the sound was alright (maybe mr. baxter was thrusted a : little bit to much into the background). our disagreement about the : show tells me that stereo sound may be not the best idea for creating : a delightful concert for all listeners. I was standing on the right side too, and it was a good sound. o.k., you couldn't hear John's guitar so well, but therfore you could better hear Bob's!!! :-) But I agree that stereo sound is not good for live concerts!!! Markus
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Path:!!!!news.r!!!!happyjaq Subject: July 12, 1995 - Dortmund, Germany - a review (from the vault) From: Carsten Wohlfeld Date: 06 Jun 1998 17:27:00 +0100 X-Newsreader: CrossPoint v3.1 (please note: this is a review I penned three years ago a few days after the show had taken place. I only joined the information highway that week and I never sent it off. Now it seemed kinda fitting to post it nevertheless. I didn't change anthing and I still feel the same about the whole show, now, three years later. Still sad he didn't do "Lenny Bruce", still almost have to cry every time I hear this rendition of "My Back Pages"... let me add that the version of "Knockin' didn't last 15 minutes. It was only 12. For the rest, read on. One last thing: I only got a glimpse on the cuesheet...if anybody out there has a copy, I'd love to get it, just cause I loved the show so much :-)) Bob Dylan Dortmund, Germany, July 12, 1995 Westfalenhalle II Just nine days have past since my last Dylan show (in Hannover), but I was very excited about this one, a) because Hannover had a pretty weird setlist (with "Jokerman", "In The Garden", "Tombstone Blues" and "Pillbox Hat") and b) cause Bob didn't play closer to my hometown of Essen in more than four years. It was also to be my last Dylan concert in god-knows-how- long, so my expectations were sky-high... Before the show I had heard that "Down In The Flood" had been replaced as the opener by "Drifter's Escape" on the last show in Stuttgart. I can't say that I#m a big fan of that song, but at least it was something else than "Flood" which I'd heard on my three previous shows (Hannover, Kerkrade and Bielefeld). The hall is the little-brother-venue of the famous Westfalenhalle where Bob played his first ever german shows in 1978. The main hall has a capacity of 16.600, the small one of just 1.800... Just minutes after 8.00pm Bob and the band came out to launch into: Drifter's Escape Now if I wouldn't have known that it HAS to be this song, there would've been no chance for me to recognize it. Bob's voice was very low in the mix and the bluesy guitars and Winston's always powerful drumming buried everything. Nice to have a change at #1, but not much more. Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power) Now that was a pleasant surprise! I only had heard the song live once before (well, on a tape from Brixton 3/31/95), but this was the most amazing version of it I can possibly imagine. It lacked the harp solo of the Brixton version, but it was very slow and Bob's vocal delivery was very soft and touching. Just amazing! He messed up one line (the "disconnect these cables" the order wrong), but otherwise it was great from start to finish. All Along The Watchtower I have to tell you (do I?...yes) that this is my alltime favourite song, but even though I've heard Bob do this one at every single show I've been at since 1991, this was by far and away the coolest version EVER. Took ages as well, as they did a long guitar solo after *every* single verse! Close to the end, in the jamming part, Winston played a syncope (is that what it is... I wish I was an expert on such things)...anyways he played something I never heard him play that made the whole thing sound even more powerful. Great, great, great! Shooting Star Another song that came totally unexpected! Similar to the "Unplugged" version I'd say, though I don't have much to compare it too. It appeared twice on the cuesheet, cause it was also an alternative at #2. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry Bob had a great time during this one (actually he and his band had a great time throughout the whole show), so we got some extra jams and extended solos. Another song best described as powerful, even though I would've liked to hear something else in this spot, since he did it in Hannover too. Silvio Followed as it did in Hannover. And what a great version it is, with all the JJ/Bob solos, where the whole band stops to play. For the whole song he had his "this is Rock 'n' Roll, heh?" expression on his face. If he wouldn't have blown me away with "Senor" and "Watchtower" already, I probably would've thought this was the highlight of the set so far. On come the roadies to take away the electric instruments... Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) Somebody had told me prior to the show while we were waiting in line that "Tangled" now was acoustic, but I never would've thought that it could be so much better than the electric version I'd grown to hate lately. Great rhythm work by JJ, nice vocal delivery and some cool jamming and soloing by JJ and Bob, who took a more prominent role on the guitar during the acoustic set. Long harp solo at the end as well. Boots Of Spanish Leather (acoustic) After Bob had put away his guitar for the harp solo on "Tangled" he didn't oick it up again for this one. Initially I was disappointed to hear this one again (third time in just one year), but Bob's vocal phrasing was just awesome and JJ's soft guitar playing was among the best imaginable. It got even better during the long, slow ending, where Bob's neverending harmonica solo was perfectly accompanied by Jackson's guitarplaying. I guess Bob thought so too, cause after the song he said (first thing he said apart from "thanks ev'rybody" tonight): "On guitar tonight: JJ Jackson". Indeed his playing was very, very impressive. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (acoustic) Another highlight, even though it couldn't get any better than "Boots". Very slow and soft version that lasted longer than any other I've heard yet. Funnily enough it was also his first major hit from the 60s tonight (not counting "Watchtower") and the song that got the biggest cheer from the audience yet. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again I've waited ages to finally hear this song live, but unfortunately it was the night's first (and probably only) major lowpoint. I liked the way Bucky made the pedal steel sound like an organ, but JJ's guitarplaying seemd to be a million miles away from the "Blonde On Blonde" sound I love so much. I know that they can't (and probably don't want to) copy the 1966 sound, but to this song it just seemed essential. Winston's drumming was also pretty unimaginative I thought. A pity. I Believe In You But they quickly made up for it by doing this one, a personal favourite of mine. I can't say much apart from: I loved it from start to finish. Seemed to be a pretty perfect version in my ears with long solos that went from loud to very, very quiet and back. After that Bob introduced the band, don't think he said anything special, even though I found it funny that Bucky played pedal steel, mandolin "and a bunch of other stuff" :-) Cat's In The Well "Highway 61" was on the cuesheet as well and I think I would've liked that one better, but so I got my esecond "Cat's" after Gotha '94 and it least it was a pretty good version of this awful song that featured some pretty impressive spiral soloing (if you can guess what I mean by that) close to the end. Then they were gone, but returned for Knockin' On Heaven's Door ...which replaced the cuesheet's "Lenny Bruce". A pity, even though this was a very good version, completely different to the one I'd heard in Gotha last summer, closer to the "Unplugged" one with JJ starting just playing the guitar intro chords. I don't know exactly how long it took, but I think it was something around 15 minutes! It also featured a third verse I hadn't heard before, can somebody tell me if this was used before? "Mama wipe the blood from my eyes I can't see through it anymore Does it come as any surprise that I'm Knockin' on heaven's door" After that they wanted to go backstage again, but they turned on their heels and came right back for: My Back Pages (acoustic) Another one best described by "most amazing version ever"! It sent shivers down my spine and I never came so close to crying at a concert before! An immaculate version that featured verses #1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, sung soft and beautifully, leaving out the "professor's tongue" which I thought it was a shame, cause it's by far my favourite one, but - hey! - he actually did it LAST, thus making me even happier cause I thought it made for a perfect ending... my special favourite last... what a pleasant surprise! But that wasn't all cause the harp solo that followed what the best thing since sliced bread. Period. And even as I thought it was all over Bob just turned to JJ, nodded and went off to another verse on the harp that was absolutely amazing! Right before Bob grabbed the harp JJ had the chance for a quick solo and he did an impressive rendition of Roger McGuinn's Byrds-solo on this song. Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35 They came back once more and it this dreadful song that was last in Hannover as well. The only highlight was the fact that Bob - who had been stoned faced for most of the show, even though you could still guess that he had a good time - had to laugh out loud as *everybody* in the hall joined in on "Everybody must get stoned". Virtually everybody but Bob sang it... Then they were gone for good, and I left the hall convinced that I just had seen the best live show in my entire life! It certainly was the best Dylan concert I've ever been at. I'd never heard such staggeringly good interplay between JJ and Bob before, all the songs were unbelievably long (15 songs took them 145 minutes!!!) and all songs featured bits that were quieter and softer as anything I heard this band play before, while the loud bits were rocking more than ever before too! I just hope that I'll get a tape of this show, too. Thanks for reading and please Bob come our way again soon! Carsten Wohlfeld -- carsten wohlfeld "what once you called home is a minefield" (damon & naomi)