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Bob Dylan 950727 in Montpelier, France

Subject:   setlists 24,25,27,28th july
Date:   Tue, 1 Aug 1995 12:14:31 MET
Organization:   University of Trier

7/27/95 Montpellier, France, Espace Grammont

1 Drifter's Escape
2 It Takes A Lot To Laugh ...
3 Watchtower
4 I Shall Be Released
5 Silvio
6 @ Tangled
7 @ Baby Blue
8 Real You At Last
9 Rainy Day Women

during the ROLLING STONES show, HE came back on stage for one song to
sing along with Mick Jagger, the name of the song was ... (right!)

Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 10:18:49 -0500 From: Steve Portigal (stevep@RAHUL.NET> Subject: Montpellier july 27th - REPORT (fwd) Here's a posting from Undercover, the Rolling Stones mailing list, about Bob Dylan's performance with the Stones recently.... Christine Libouban spake: From Fri Jul 28 22:10:16 1995 Message-Id: (> Date: Fri, 28 Jul 95 17:10:16 EST From: Christine Libouban (LIBOUBA@FRMOP11.CNUSC.FR> Subject: Montpellier july 27th - REPORT X-To: Cc:,, Sender: Undercover - The Rolling Stones Mailing List ============================================== Hi, I'm back and will try to make you all share the wonderful concert of yesterday. I has been a very unusual show, because we had two opening acts : Black Crowes and .... DYLAN, yes it was true, he WAS there. First of all I have to tell you that on wednesday evening Hugo Lindin and 3 australian friends of him arrived at my place. Was it a GM(TM) as we were only two undercoverites? We had a very pleasant evening talking of many subjects including .... Stones, of course. On thursday morning we woke up at 9 and left home at 12, all 6 of us in my car (which has 7 seats). We arrived on the concert's place, Grammont domain which is a huge field, at 12:30. Then we had to wait in the hot sun until 3.20 pm for the doors to open. We had hats, food, and a lot of iced water to survive during the whole afternoon in the great heat (33 degrees centigrade), sky slightly cloudy, suffocating weather, no wind until 9 or 10 pm. When the doors opened everybody rushed in and it became really very hard to cross the only two small gates, first a security man let people pass through the first barriers 3 by 3, then a second man quickly checked the tickets and the bags, not really serious control.... my man was the first to get in, then me, we waited for the 4 others during a few instants, that seemed to last for hours, as we were holding back not to run and follow everybody rushing to the stage. We finally got there, we could sit down at approx. 30 m from the stage, not too bad ;-),on Keith's side (=right when looking from the audience). Then we had to wait again in the heat, sweating all the water we were drinking. As new people were keeping on coming 'round us, we couldn't sit anymore at 5 - 5.30 pm.... At 6.40 Black Crowes started a one hour act, really rocking IMHO. The crowd was really quiet, not many applauses between songs.
At 8.05 Dylan started. He played for one hour too. Began with electric songs. The band was 3 guitars, including Dylan, a bass and drum. On the electric songs Dylan played with a Stratocaster. The 3rd guitar player was always playing a slide guitar. They did 2 or 3 all accoustic songs : no drum and accoustic bass. He was wearing a pink satin shirt, with a black leather belt, and black suede trousers, with laces on each side. Most of the time he was looking towards the floor while singing. He played harmonica on one accoustic song. During all his performance there was a 8-10 years old boy standing on the back of the stage, and who seemed really to enjoy the music. During Dylan's act, the crowd was moving, and applauded with enthusiasm between the songs. Dylan was GREAT. To Dylan fans : sorry I can't tell which songs he did.... (my australian friends joked saying "they should subtitle in english the lyrics so that everybody could understand them..., typical of Dylan...)
Then we had to be patient until 9.55 pm before the Stones started NFA. From 9.05 tp 9.55 the crowd was getting hotter. Everytime something seemed to happen, everyone was shouting, thinking that the Stones were coming.... The crowd sung many times (to tell WE WANT THE STONES) the rain song of Woodstock, (OOOOOH OOOH OOOH OOOOH OOOH : hope you get what I mean ;-) ) this chant is very often sung during concerts in france. Then it was night, it was time, the cobra spit fire, Charlie hit NFA... AND THE CROWD WENT CRAZY. Here is the set list : Not Fade Away Tumbling Dice You got me Rocking It's all over now All down the line Sparks will fly Satisfaction Let it bleed (accoustic) Angie (accoustic) Like a RS Rock and a hard place Gimme shelter I go wild Miss you ---> band introduction Honky Tonk Women Connection (Keith) The worst (Keith) Sympathy Street fighting man Start me up It's only R'nR Brown sugar Jumping jack flash (encore) Before I get into more details for those who are interested, some general informations : - the crowd was estimated to 75.000 by the local newspaper, to 80.000 by Europe1 radio station. I think it WAS 80.000, so Montpellier has been bigger than Paris HA HA HA (provincial revenge) - the boys really seemed in very good mood, shape, happy to be there Keith and Mick smiling very often, even Charlie in the first part of the show, then he looked quite serious, and quite always looking right. - Mick talked many many times in french (which he speaks very well) - people generally behaved correctly, where I was, I had space enough to move, and Cheese (oops, Jeez) DID I MOVE. My palm of hands is still burning right now, because of so much clapping, and my voice isn't normal yet since I screamed so much to Mick and Keith. - everytime that Mick moved his hips in his special way, there were huge screams from the crowd, mainly women I think. - according to my man, at the place we were the sound mixing wasn't perfect, too much bass, not enough guitars. But I was told this morning that for people who were far away, the soung was wonderful. - As the day before the concert was Mick's birthday, peploe were waving panels saying "happy Bday Mick" and between two song the crowd sung "happy birthday to you Mick", but Mick didn't react to it, after the end of JJF, the crowd began again to sing when the band was bowing, and that time Mick was smiling an when it's been over he took Charlie's hand and they did a final bow together looking very happy, and BOTH smiling. - Here at the office, we were 8 to go to the concert, but I was the only real fan, well this morning the other ones were really enthusisatics, saying that no concert could be better than that one. - they played their 23 songs, the show lasted 1 hour 1/4. - IT WAS A DREAM - I think that it's really been a very very good performance. - for the GlimmerWomen : Waouh I was really sooo excited when looking at Mick AND KEITH..... (thanks to the one who told me to bring binoculars.... it was far better to leer) Now details : Atfer Not Fade Away Mich said "thank you for coming" to people coming from Marseille, Avignon, Toulouse, Spain and Italy. He said "il fait chaud n'est-ce pas?" (It's hot, isn't it,) Keith played the 3 first songs on a Gibson, then he changed between his favorite Telecasters, the Gibson, and accoustic guitars. Before It's all over now, Mick said : "now we're gonna do an old one" Before All down the line, mick said "this one is from Exile, and it was TRUE.... incredible, no? On Let it bleed (accoustic) Ronnie played a slide guitar. Before Like a RS, Mick said "I want to thank the Black Crowes... and mister Bob Dylan" and there he was again on stage, and they started to play, Bob had his Strato, and he was right from Ronnie seen from the audience, close to him. After Mick had finished the first verse, Ronnie made a head's move to tell Bob, "now go on the front with Mick" and Bob shaked his head to say "no", Ronnie insisted, still "no" from Bob, then Mick turned bock and shook his head too to call Bob, still he wasn't moving at all, so Mick had to go towards him and grab him on to put him behing the microphone, the he finally sung the second verse. What happened? Didn't they plan all this very well??? Strange... After having sung, Bob went back again, and he talked a bit with Keith while playing, both smiling. It 's been really GREAT GREAT GREAT. After Gimme shelter, Mick said "Voulez-vous chanter?" and the crowd shouted back "OUIIII" (yeahhh), then "so we'll go I GO WILD.... I was wondering : doesn't he say that usually before Miss You? Then I go wild started, and the crowd sung a bit but.... after the song Mick said "Well, I did a mistake, it's that one that you will sing... and then went Miss you, I was really laughing... During the band introduction : mainly huge applauses for Charlie, Mick and Keith, Ronnie a bit less, and the other ones not much... Ronnie introduced Mick as "the man who is like the good red french wine, the wine of Bordeau" During Honky Tonk Women, there has been the usual views of nice women in the audience, at the end of the song one of them was still on the screen, then Mick turned his back to the crowd and looking at the jumbo tron said "hello, hello, helloooo, quel canon" which is a french slang to say a perfect body's woman... She wasn't more a canon than I am IMHO, but she WAS on the screen, cannot fight :-( During Connection and The worst Keith seemed to be the happiest man in the world and so was I too, while looking at him with my binoculars, he was only wearing a short black leather vest, and Hmmmm I looked so... (very typical feminine's remark.... ;-) ) People I know whar are not into the Stones, didn't like these two songs, too bad for them, what I think is "it's only R 'n R and I like it" On The worst, Ronnie played a pedal steel guitar. After JJF, fireworks and go back home, so tired by sooooo happy. Many people told me this morning that after this show there will be a long time before they can go to see another one. Well, I would be ready for another concert, but only a Stones' one, of course ;-) and if possible with Glimmer fellows, it was so nice to be with you I have to leave now, bing on holidays, I'll have to survive without Undercover t'il september. If any of you wants to write to me, please wait until september 1rst, because if sending mails now, they could be deleted by the system. Bye, and last, but not least, while listening to the Stones playing live, "I was thinking of youuuuu" Christine ======================================================================= Posting: mail Admin requests: mail FAQ requests: mail (Tony Rzepela) Latest tour info: finger Undercover Home Page: -- | steve portigal G V O | user interface dude | culturally aware interface design ------------------------------
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 1995 11:13:38 -0500 From: (Ed Ricardo) Subject: Mike Clendining, Dylan & the Stones... From: MX%"" 17-AUG-1995 14:18:47.16 Subj: Montpelier 27 July 95 I'm still without RMD feed so don't know what's been posted or discusse d recently. Feel free to post this text if you think it worthwhile. Mike C End of Message *** Forwarding note from MCLENDIN--ESOC 95-08-17 08:51 *** X-To: MCLENDIN--ESOC Clendining, Mike From: Clendining, Mike Subject: Montpelier 27 July 95 55000 fans enjoyed an excellent open air concert by Bob and his support group 'The Rolling Stones' The venue was a natural amphitheatre encircled by permanent chain link fencing which allowed those without tickets to this sellout concert to view it free from the surrounding slopes! Lots of food,drink.and (Stones) souvenir stalls on site, plus heavy red cross and security presence. The Red Cross were kept fairly busy carrying away inert bodies (I think most were heat exhaustion rather than the result of 'strong medicine') The audience were a complete range of ages from young children to ageing hippies from the 60's like myself. An undistinguished (for me) rock group played up to about 19.30. Prompt at 20.00: 'Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Columbia recording artist Bob Dylan'. Bob's one hour set was very well received, particularly by those near the stage. For once Bob did the expected and entered into the spirit/nostalgia of the occasion, finishing with Rainy Day Women('everybody must get stoned') Set list (from memory) Down in the flood It takes a lot to laugh All along the watchtower I shall be released ???? Tangled up in blue (A) It's all over now baby blue (A) ???? Rainy day women Around 21.30 the Stones came on and did what is, I assume, their standard show - lots of video displays and special effects. After c30 mins Jagger (in french) thanks the support rock group and Bob Dylan 'and this is a song he wrote for us'. Bob appears, with guitar at back of stage and accompanies Jagger in 'Like a Rolling Stone' - soon Dylan joins Jagger at the mike to duet and alternate verses. Unfortunately there are times when Dylan's 90s interpretation does not merge too well with the Stones' unashamedly 60's rendition, a unique experience nonetheless. Did something pass between them as Jagger faced Bob, looked into the darkness of his eyes and sang 'Now how does it feel, to be on your own, like a complete unknown?' maybe I imagined it, maybe the video will tell? To summarise, not the greatest performance by Bob, IMHO, but an absolutely unforgetable experience for those present, especially those who could remember Dylan and the Stones from the 60's Mike C End of Message
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