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Bob Dylan 951016, New Orleans - Tulane University

Date:    Mon, 16 Oct 1995 18:15:22 GMT
From:    Bill Pagel (billp61@EARTH.EXECPC.COM)
Subject: October 16, 1995 New Orleans - Setlist

October 16, 1995 New Orleans - Tulane University

1.   Drifter's Escape
2.   Man In The Long Black Coat
3.   All Along The Watchtower
4.   Simple Twist Of Fate
5.   Watching The River Flow
6.   Silvio
7.   Mr. Tambourine Man             (acoustic)
8.   Master Of War                       (acoustic)
9.   It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  (acoustic)
10. Maggie's Farm
11. Lenny Bruce (Cheryl Crow on accordion)
12. Obviously Five Believers

13. Alabama Getaway  (Cheryl Crow on vocals and accordion)
14. The Times They Are A-Changin'  (Cheryl Crow on accordion)
15. Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35  (Cheryl Crow on accordion)

Thanks to Glen Dundas for the preceding information.

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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 06:02:22 -0400 From: SadieJane (sadiejane@AOL.COM) Subject: bob in New Orleans - setlist from sadie's big bro this setlist and review came to me from my big bro in New Orleans. He goes to see bob because I tell him he has to go or I'll kill him. I think he actually sorta likes bob too - but I'm not sure. I have instructed him that I need lots of details about what bob is wearing and how he styles on stage - he brings his girlfriend with him for help on the fashion stuff.... follows my brothers comments and set list - also - I already told him with the "drifter" song is.... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Here it goes: Bob was wearing a lavender satin shirt, open over a maroon tee, not tucked in but apparently sinched around his waist with a cord or belt or something. His pants were the same ones at the last concert here...loose black tuxeduo pants with silver piping and brass buttons running down the calves. Shoes: b&w patent leather nuevo spats. Play-list: unk. song about a drifter in court or something Man in long black coat Watchtower Twist of fate Watch the River flow Sylvio (in the style of Baba O'Reilly) Tamborine Man (now acoustic, with soulful harmonica solo, Sof's highlight) Masters of War It's all over now, Baby Blue Maggie's Farm (electric again) Lenny Bruce is Dead (now Sheryl Crow has come on to play--inaudibly--accordian) Obviously 5 believers Three encores: Alabama Getaway (!--Garcia tribute; some acid jamming on earlier songs too.) The times they are a changing (acoustic, harmonica solo) Everybody must get stoned (crowd favorite, though they wished it was drunk) Other tid-bits: J J hardly gets to play lead at all now. Tony got a big reception with the hometown crowd. One kid puked right near us, on a biker's chick's velvet dress. We sat in the second row, on the side, and the lady in front of us had here binoculars trained on Bob's crotch the entire show. (She was also good for one of the song titles). Bob really seemed to be having a good time, especially after Sheryl gave him a kiss. He kept pointing his fingers out at the crowd, like the Steve Martin-Chevy Chase "wild and crazy guys" routine. I think he was making fun of all the frat boys who were doing the same thing all night long. Do you know if he's going to be in Memphis the October 27th weekend? Any corrections to song titles? What does "obviously 5 believers" mean? ------------------------------------------------- end of my bro's mini-review. I think he's got some rmd potential, don't you?..... xx sj Delia ain't dead, she's just out drivin' her Dart
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