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Bob Dylan 951210 in Boston, Massachusetts - The Orpheum

Date:    Mon, 11 Dec 1995 00:48:54 EST
From:    "M. LeBlanc" (turning_pt@UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU)
Subject: Boston, Dec. 10, 1995 - DARK EYES

Dark Eyes. We heard Dylan and Patti Smith duet tonight on *Dark Eyes*.
It could make you cry. It was beautiful and they helped each other
through it, each in their own way.

Patti Smith:

Wicked Messenger
Perfect Moon
Dancin' Barefoot
About a Boy
Ghost Dance
Walking Blind
I was Cool and then I wasn't and then I was
Not Fade Away

Not real sure on the name of all of Patti's stuff.

Bob Dylan:

Drifters Escape
Tears of Rage
I Don't Believe you
Tambourine Man
Masters of War
Mama You Bin
Hightway 61 Revisited

Alabama Getaway
My Back Pages
Rainy Day Women #12&35

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 08:31:00 -0500 From: "Mark A Hausman (617)726-2900" (HAUSMANM@A1.MGH.HARVARD.EDU) Subject: setlist 12/10/95 Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA 12/10/95 Drifter's Escape Senor All Along The Watchtower Tears Of Rage I Don't Believe You Silvio Mr. Tambourine Man (a) Masters Of War (a) Mama You've Been On My Mind (a) Dark Eyes (!!!!!) (a, duet w/Patti Smith) Jokerman Highway 61 Revisited ENCORES: Alabama Getaway My Back Pages Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 What can one say about a show that includes "Dark Eyes"? Absolutely magnificent, from start to finish. I must admit that at times I thought I was watching "JJ Jackson and His Band". The man was scorching! I took my father-in-law and a couple of friends. Before the show we were discussing recent acoustic sets, and my naive friend said, "I wish he would play "Dark Eyes." I laughed inside and politely reminded him of the (non-)history of this song. Well, when Bob said "Patti Smith's going to join us" and the song began, it was the finest crow I ever ate. Fortunately, I had asked the astute Dylanologist behind me (with such insightful observations as "Tambourine Man-you don't get that very often" and "Harmonica! Harmonicaaaah!") to please keep his voice down for the acoustic tunes. So I was able to appreciate every pristine second. Throughout this show, I had a recurring thought-when was the last time Bob played a "generally-regarded-as-bad" show? Of course he misses lyrics now and again (including last night), but of the shows I've attended and heard on tape, I can't think of a bad one in quite a few years. Anyone have a different view on that? It also occurred to me what a fine opening tune "Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar" would be with this band. I can just imagine JJ's tearing through the opening riff. Maybe next spring... Mark Hausman
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 05:11:24 GMT From: Ron Mura (rmura@WORLD.STD.COM) Subject: Boston, December 10 The Orpheum, Boston, December 10 ================================ 1. Drifter's Escape 2. Senor 3. All along the Watchtower 4. Tears of Rage 5. I Don't Believe You 6. Silvio 7. Mr. Tambourine Man (h) 8. Masters of War 9. Mama, You Been on My Mind (h) 10. Dark Eyes (with Patti Smith) 11. Jokerman 12. Highway 61 Revisted 13. Alabama Getaway 14. My Back Pages (h) 15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (h = hand-held harmonica playing at end of song) The highlight had to be the quasi-premier in concert of "Dark Eyes," the only previous performance being an aborted attempt in 1986. Patti Smith sang the first lines and was joined by Dylan at the mid-way point of each verse (at the one-quarter point for the last verse). At the end of the song, Dylan kissed her twice on the cheek and before starting the next song said, "Patti Smith... She's the best." "Dark Eyes" was on the cue sheet as the last encore, so we may have lost a song by having it at the end of the acoustic set. I think it fit better there, however. I thought the first 6 songs had less inspiration than the previous two nights, although "Tears of Rage" was nice. It picked up during the acoustic set and Dylan was really charged up after the "Dark Eyes" duet. "My Back Pages" suffered from messed-up lyrics, unfortunately. In sum I'd say this was another good show, with more ups and more downs than the prior two. -- - Ron Mura, Boston, Massachusetts
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 06:08:41 GMT From: Bill Pagel (billp61@EARTH.EXECPC.COM) Subject: Dec. 10, 1995 - Boston, Massachusetts - Setlist December 10, 1995 Boston, Massachusetts Orpheum Theater 1. Drifter's Escape 2. Senor 3. All Along The Watchtower 4. Tears Of Rage 5. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) 6. Silvio 7. Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) 8. Masters Of War (acoustic) 9. Mama You Been On My Mind (acoustic) 10. Dark Eyes (vocals shared with Patti Smith) 11. Jokerman 12. Highway 61 Revisited (encore) 13. Alabama Getaway 14. My Back Pages (acoustic) 15. Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35 Thanks to Christine Consolvo and Jon Casper for the preceding information. Previous setlists, cue sheets, and upcoming concert dates, as well as links to other Dylan related web sites can be found on the "Bob Links" web page located at: Bill Pagel
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 00:22:30 -0500 From: NY JENKS (nyjenks@AOL.COM) Subject: NY Beacon 12-10 Set List 1. Drifter's Escape 2. Senor 3. All Along The Watchtower 4. Tears Of Rage 5. When You Go Your Way and I Go Mine 6. Silvio 7. Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) 8. Masters Of War (acoustic) 9. Mama You Been On My Mind (acoustic) 10. Dark Eyes (vocals shared with Patti Smith) 11. Jokerman 12. Highway 61 Revisited (encore) 13. Alabama Getaway 14. Girl from the North Country (acoustic) 15. Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 14:33:27 GMT From: Mitch Gart (mg@ASP.CAMB.INMET.COM) Subject: Bob & Patti Dec 10 in Boston Patti's set: 1. Wicked Messenger (electric) 2. Perfect Moon (poem) 3. Dancing Barefoot (electric) 4. About a Boy 5. Ghost Dance (acoustic) 6. Walkin' Blind 7. Southern Cross (mixed) 8. Mortal Shoes (electric) 9. Not Fade Away "Wicked Messenger" is the song from JWH, done electric, slow, mean, wicked! "About a Boy" is a new song about Kurt Kobain. "Walkin' Blind" is a song by Oliver Ray that Patti does on the soundtrack from a new movie, I read it's "Dead Man Walking" with Sean Penn. Oliver Ray played guitar on stage for this one. "Not Fade Away" is the old Buddy Holly/Stones/Dead song. The first two verses are sung normally then Patti launches into a story over the song's backbeat. Saturday's story was about floating in the water, only the water is up above and the sky is down below, and there's a treasure pulling her into the water. Sunday's was hard to hear but something about redemption. Bob's set: 1. Drifter's escape (electric) 2. Senor 3. All along the watchtower 4. Tears of rage 5. I don't believe you 6. Silvio 7. Mr. tambourine man (acoustic) 8. Masters of war 9. Mama you been on my mind 10. DARK EYES !!!! 11. Jokerman (electric) 12. Highway 61 revisited 13. Alabama getaway (encore) 14. My back pages 15. Rainy day women Patti returned and she and Bob sang a beautiful "Dark Eyes". Patti sang most of the verses, then she and Bob shared the microphone for the choruses. Patti has performed this song off and on in 1995, but it was her first time singing it since the start of this tour, and the first song where Bob and Patti sang together. During the song Patti had her hand on Bob's arm. Afterwards Patti just beamed an ear-to-ear smile, and Bob gave her a big kiss on the cheek and said "A lot of girls have started since Patti started, but Patti's still the best." How long since Bob performed "Dark Eyes" live? -- Mitch -- -- "People don't live or die, people just float"
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 16:11:19 GMT From: sadiejane (sadiejane@CYBERCOM.NET) Subject: Re: "Dark Eyes" - comments on performance? (DylanJak) wrote: >I was there for the Dark eyes duet. Would have liked to see just Bob do >it, But Patti did a great job, Bob screwed up on all his parts though, >singing the wrong lyrics! Well can't have everything. peace james I was in the front row center for this one...Dylan did not screw up all his parts Patti forgot the lyrics in the second verse (I think - cock is crowing far away) and bob (who had been coming in with some great harmonies on each refrain) jumped in early to help her out. There was some disagreement between them during the final refrain (passion rules the arrow that flies) - they were both singing different lyrics - but I believe bob had it right. I could be wrong about this (MITCH GART PLEASE CONFIRM) - but it was very clear that bob was on top of this one and patti, being I think a bit nervous, was leaning on him off and on thru-out the performance... MORE IMPORTANTLY: The band was very well rehearsed on this one - no last minute throw it tagether sort of thing - the changes were smooth as silk. The audience held its breath for the longest time - enough of us out there who knew what it meant for bob to be singing this one in front of us all for Patti. I'm sure the New York performances were stronger - but there was a fragility and delicacy and tentative quality in this performance which I, sitting down at their feet, appreciated more than if they had gotten all the words right, etc. Bob is a very supportive duet partner (saw him do the same with willie at that birthday thing with Pancho and Lefty) he was very careful not to tread on Patti's shadow and only came forward when it was clear she needed his support. He gave her a kiss on the cheek right when it was over and then stepped back for her to take a solo bow. Then hugged and kissed her again before she left the stage. As if to reassure that the performance worked despite her lost words. I have seen people comment on bob losing words before - he did so during back pages on saturday nite - but I didn't feel that it hurt the performance. When you know a song real well, sometimes you get lost in it and can't find yourway back up. Its like being in the middle of a really vivid dream and being awoken suddenly - you forget that the audience is there for a moment and noticing them can jar you out of the song. But...better to risk getting lost in something and falling under than to skip safely along its surface. Delia ain't dead, she's been pic'd up
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