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Bob Dylan 951215 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Electric Factory

Date:    Sat, 16 Dec 1995 04:45:11 -0500
From:    JfryBlair (jfryblair@AOL.COM)
Subject: Philly First Nite Setlist

Great, great show.  Electric Factory, nice ol' place.  Long warehouse with
long balcony along one side, great sightlines, good sound.

Because the Night
Perfect Moon (poem) -- Patti dedicated it to her mom in the audience
Dancing Barefoot
Wicked Messenger -- Patti says she feels its appropriate that she is in
Philly opening for Bob cuz she 'members comin up there from South Jersey
every few days goin to Sam Goody's and asking if Blonde on Blonde was out
About a Boy
Ghost Dance -- magical
Walking Blind
Rock and Roll Nigger

Drifter's Escape
Man in the Long Black Coat -- a GREAT choice for #2.. and about the Sara
lyrics.. he did it again!
Under the Red Sky
Takes a Train -- "windows are filled with frost... HA HA!"
Silvio -- JG posesses JJ
@Baby Blue -- first time I've seen this one..aaaaahhh
@Mama You Bin On My Mind
@Dark Eyes w/Patti -- words fail
Tombstone Blues
5 Believers

Alabama Getaway
It Aint Me Babe
Rainy Day Women

More later folx :)

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 10:22:57 GMT From: Bill Pagel (billp61@EARTH.EXECPC.COM) Subject: Dec. 15, 1995 - Philadelphia - Setlist December 15, 1995 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Electric Factory 1. Drifter's Escape 2. Man In The Long Black Coat 3. All Along The Watchtower 4. Under The Red Sky 5. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 6. Silvio 7. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) 8. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (acoustic) 9. Mama You Been On My Mind (acoustic) 10. Dark Eyes (vocals shared with Patti Smith) 11. Tombstone Blues 12. Obviously 5 Believers (encore) 13. Alabama Getaway 14. It Ain't Me Babe (acoustic) 15. Rainy Day Women Nos.12 & 35 Thanks to Glen and Bob for the preceding information. Previous setlists, cue sheets, and upcoming concert dates, as well as links to other Dylan related web sites can be found on the "Bob Links" web page located at: Bill Pagel
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 23:45:50 GMT From: Seth Kulick (skulick@LINC.CIS.UPENN.EDU) Subject: Re: Dylan @ Electric Factory 12/15/95 In article <4av37d$>, Timothy Michael Ellmore wrote: >Any comments on the show last night at the Electric Factory? I was there >and am still pretty much speechless. I cannot believe those harmonica solos >during Tangled and It Ain't Me Babe. They were INCREDIBLE!!!! Bobby was >so into the perfromance, dancing around and doing that weird pointing >maneuver with his hands. I haven't heard him since the summer and I was >blown away by the changes and the tightness of his performance. Tombstone >Blues and Pledging My Time were completely reworked, amazing perfomances. Probably the best harmonica playing that I've seen/heard him do. I thought he was on auto-pilot until the acoustic set (other people disagree with me on this that I've spoken to), but the acoustic set was phenomenal. After he finished singled Tangled, I thought that it was over, and said to the person next to me, "wow, that was great!" and then Bob starts with the harmonica. And it wasn't a long and meandering harmonica solo like he sometimes does, but he just wailed. I was amazed. And again at the end of It Ain't Me Babe also - a song that I *thought* i was sick of until I heard it last night. What Pledging My Time? Unless *I* was on major autopilot, he didn't play that. And the pointing business is very bizarre. I saw lots of people pointing back at him by the time he was done. And the alternate song for IAMB was listed as "Restless" Wowee!! Maybe tonight or tomorrow, we'll see the song he did for Mr. Frank.
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