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Bob Dylan 951216 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Electric Factory

Date:    Sun, 17 Dec 1995 05:48:43 GMT
From:    Andrew Pruette (prutte67@FUTURES.WHARTON.UPENN.EDU)
Subject: Setlist Philly 12/16

Here's the set, apologies for any mistakes, I didn't write it down until
I got home.

Down in the Flood
I Want You
All Along the Watchtower
Shelter from the Storm
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Mr. Tambourine Man (a)
Masters of War (a)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit (a)
Dark Eyes (a)
Maggie's Farm
Forever Young
Alabama Getaway
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
Rainy Day Women

Date: Sun, 17 Dec 1995 01:31:02 -0500 From: WhatWasIt (whatwasit@AOL.COM) Subject: Electric Factory 12/16/95 Setlist December 16, 1995 Philadelphia, PA - The Electric Factory Patti's performance blows the place away. Intense, rocking, fantastic all the way through. Closes with "Not Fade Away" (for Jerry), tremendous. Bob takes longer than usual to appear after Patti. 1. Down in the Flood 2. I Want You - very slow, beatiful version. Bob softly delivers the lyrics 3.. All Along the Watchtower - rocks out unbelievably. Intensely sung, especially in the emphatic last verse 4. Shelter From the Storm - beautiful arrangement. Started very slow, with mostly Bob's voice and almost no instrumental support at all except for few inbetween strums. Became slow rock through excellently sung lyrics. Towards the end, HARD ROCKING and Dylan strongly wailing out the final verse. A highlight of the show. 5. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - another classic performance by Dylan. He's moving around a lot, making moves with shoulders, ducking/bobbing his head around with the beat, leans into audience, etc. 6. Silvio - more of same. Great rocking Silvo Bob has been playing at every show. 7. Mr. Tamborine Man (acoustic) - best Tamborine I have heard. Very intensely sung; strong, loud and clear through the greatest lines (...yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky ...) 8. Masters of War (acoustic) - great version, ominous sound that Dylan has been using with this. 9. Love Minus Zero/No Limit (acoustic) - beatiful arrangement used in MTV Unplugged. 10. Dark Eyes (w/ Patti Smith) - indescribably great. Patti's singing soulfully, Bob joining on choruses. Bob and Patti leaning in close; Bob tilting his head in and to the side onto Patti's forehead; Patti's beaming, aglow. 11. Maggie's Farm (into'd by "This is a song about the slave trade") - long, rocking version. 12. Forever Young - sung clear, strong. absolutely stunning delivery of this fantastic classic that hasn't been played very often in Dylan's recent touring, that I know of --------------------- 13. Alabama Getaway - Hard rocking, Dylan/JJ both great leads though this. 14. A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall - as in #12, Bob knocks everyone dead with this. Heartfelt and strong delievery, voice rising to fill the place up when key lines sung ("...a black branch with blood that kept drippin'). 15. Rainy Day Women, #12 & 35 Altogether, I thought this to be a stronger performance from both Bob and Patti, especially Patti, than last night. One of the best I have seen from Dylan. Charlie
Dates 1995