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Bob Dylan 970827 in Noblesville, Indiana (Deer Creek Music Center)

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 14:57:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: August 27th  Deer Creek 

This was a great show.  Bob was in a very good mood at this show.  He was
smiling and laughing while on stage.  You could really tell that he was
having a good time performing in front of this Indianapolis crowd.  The crowd
was a good mix of young and old Dylan fans who were in very good spirits.
 The security at this show was very loose.  They let everyone come up to the
front and pack in as close to the stage as you could without giving anyone
any hassle as far as i could see.  This gave the show a more intimate feel
and Bob really was feeding off of this.  The music was great. Bob did almost
every lead in show and did a very good job playing that role.  His vocals
were very good and  blended with the band perfectly.  The whole set was very
good  which included "Senor", "Shooting Star","Leopard","Stuck inMobile" and
"Highway 61" as the closer just to name a few.  My favorite being a very good
"Tangled" with a long ending solo that was just

Todd Sharer