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Aufray, Hugues

Erwin Klock ( wrote:
A filler on one of my 1980 tapes has Dylan announce some Hugo Fray (this is what I hear)
after telling the audience that he met him when he first came to Paris/here in 1962
(just the other day (ironically)). Then there is The Times They Are A-Changing in French.
Whats this guy's name? What is the French title of this song?

Ed Ricardo (
May 21 -Early June 1964:
Dylan arrives in Paris where he stays with the French singer Hugues Aufray.
He also meets Nico, to whom he later donates his song "I'll Keep It With Mine",
which she includes on her first album.

Hugues Aufray (Ce que je veux surtout) - O - "Chant` Dylan", 1965
(La ballade de Hollis Brown)
(Fille du Nord)
(Ce n'esait pas mois)
(La morte solitaire de Hattie Carroll) 
(Cauchemar psychomoteur) 
(Les temps change) 
(La jour de la bateau)
(Dieu est a nous cote)
(Ce que je veux surtout)
(La ballade de Hollis Brown)
Hugues Aufray (L'homme orchestra) - LO - "A l'Olympia", 1965

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