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Baby Blue

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue / Bringing It All Back Home / 1967
You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast Yonder stands your orphan with his gun Crying like a fire in the sun Look out the saints are comin' through And it's all over now, Baby Blue (Ed Ricardo) writes:
>>Nate Smith ( wrote:
>>: What about Baby Blue? does [Suze] have blue eyes? 
    probably not about her.
>>You mean Baby Blue could be a woman? 
  Never thought of it that way, I wonder...
>> ( Nate Smith) writes:
There have been statements that Paul Clayton was Baby Blue. He was a friend of Bob's in 60ies N.Y., a folk singer and field collector (said to have collected and played for Bob a song that later provided the melody for "Don't Think Twice) who became a little too devoted for Bob's taste. Clayton later jumped out of a window on an acid trip. Don't know how much truth there is in that but it's an old rumor. (DHENDRICKSON@DELPHI.COM):
Baby Blue is mentioned in Scaduto (I believe/hope) as referring to Paul Clayton, folk singer and song collector also on the Village scene in the 60ies. Clayton, who collected the melody that Bob used for Don't Think Twice, is described as being "very hung up" on Bob. Clayton participated in the February '65 automobile trip from N.Y. to San Francisco that a number of biographers rehearse. Paul Clayton died subsequently when he jumped out of a window while tripping (on LSD).

Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 15:07:59 -0500
From: "Rabbi Laurence A. Schlesinger" (RabbiLAS@AOL.COM)

Dylan's "IT'S All OVER NOW, BABY BLUE" was recorded in Columbia Studio A on January 15, 1965. (Actually, a mono studio recording was made on January 13.) It was probably written in that same month as well. The song was then officially released by Columbia Records on BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME on March 22.

The title of the song comes from Gene Vincent's song, "BABY BLUE." Dylan regards Vincent as one of his early rock 'n' roll influences, and Dylan's own "IT'S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUE" is the very antithesis of Gene Vincent's original.

The earliest public performance of this song seems to have been on the February 17, 1965 Les Crane Show. At subsequent concert appearances, "IT'S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUE quickly became the standard closing number.

Dylan performed a classic early version of this song during his historic appearance at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. A haunting version is included in the BIOGRAPH collection.

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