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Benning, James

Date:          Thu, 24 Aug 95 03:45:24 0400
From:          Daniel Olson (
Subject:       (no subject)

Hello Karl,

A few things you might want to add, if that's how it works:

1.  James Benning is (was? I'm not sure he's still around) an American 
experimental film maker, who's best known (not that well know, really) 
film is called "11 X 14" and features not one but two single shot scenes 
during with the entire song "Black Diamond Bay" playing -  the first is 
a bedroom scene, two women drinking coffe and reading while a record 
player, scrathes and all, plays BDB, which gradually turns into a love 
scene just as the song ends, the second a cleanere sounding version 
during which you see a close up aof a smokestack spewing . . .

2.  In an Australian film called "High Tide", directed by Gillian 
Armstrong and starring judy Davis, there is a scene where Davis is 
falling down drunk in a washroom of a campground/trailer park, and sings 
a pretty good portion of "Dark Eyes", then raves a bit about what a 
great song it is, etc.  

This of any use to your list?


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