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Bremser, Ray

From: (Ed Ricardo)
Date: 15 Jul 1996 17:14:18 GMT
Subject: Re: Ray Bremser

Andreas, Margaret A (U0A75@WVNVM.WVNET.EDU) wrote:
: by the name of Ray Bremser.  He said that this
: poet used to work in Greenwich Village in NYC
: while Dylan was starting out there...and that
: Dylan was much impressed with Bremser's work.

He is the jail songs chap in 11 Outlined Epitaphs.

From: Ben Taylor ( Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 19:40:53 +0100 Subject: Re: Ray Bremser (Ed Ricardo) writes: >He is the jail songs chap in 11 Outlined Epitaphs. with the sounds of Franois Villon echoin' through my mad streets as I sumble on lost cigars of Bertolt Brecht an' empty bottles of Brendan Behan the hypnotic words of Al Lloyd each one bendin' like its own song an' the woven spell of Paul Clayton entrancin' me like China's plague unescapable drownin' in the lungs of Edith Piaf an' in the mystery of Marlene Dietrich the dead poems of Eddie Freeman love songs of Allen Ginsberg an' jail songs of Ray Bremser the narrow tunes of Modigliani an' the singin' plains of Harry Jackson the cries of Charles Aznavour through the quiet fire of Miles Davis above the bells of William Blake an' beat visions of Johnny Cash an' the saintliness of Pete Seeger BPTaylor
From: Patricia Jungwirth (tricia.j@AARDVARK.APANA.ORG.AU) Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 18:49:01 +1000 "... the rebel's need to violate the laws and taboos of an unjust society, helps explain subterranean sympathies for the criminal. Kerouac got involved in a homosexual killing that a friend of his served time for. Burroughs, who likes guns, killed his wife in Mexico playing William Tell, shooting her through the head. Ray Bremser had a habit of knocking over gas stations and getting sent up. Ted Joans tells a hair-raising story of Bremser walking into a gas station unarmed with his hand in his coat pocket as if he has a gun. He tells the guy behind the register to hand over the cash, and suddenly notices the guy's hand moving toward a gun in a drawer. Whereupon Bremser says "I see what you're doing and don't try it," convincingly enough that the guy doesn't, allowing Bremser to take the money and walk out." -- from "Down and In: Life in the Underground", p70, by Ronald Sukenick, Collier/Macmillan, 1988
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 22:00:04 -0800 From: jaykay ( MIME-Version: 1.0 To: Subject: Ray Bremser in who's who Ray Bremser died in Utica NY on Nov. 3, 1998. He was 64. All for now, jk

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