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Britt, Bob

Nashville studio musician, believed to play on Dylan's forthcoming (1997) album (Time Out Of Mind).
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 16:30:02 -0600
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From: Jim Tillman (
Subject: Bob Britt

I've found a few tidbits regarding Bob Britt from
the archives

from January 9th
> However it's termed or marketed, Etta Britt's new self-distributed album,
>Hillbilly Heart, has an engaging, raunchy twang that will excite fans and
>provide a muscular sound for late-night raucousness.

>Etta Britt and her band--which features such high-profile players as >guitarists Doug Lancio and Bob Britt, bassist Scott Esbeck, keyboardist
>Johnny Neel, pedal steel player Dan Dugmore, and drummer Michael
>Clarke--will celebrate her new album with a performance Sunday January 12th
>at 3rd & Lindsley.

If Bob Britt is taking over guitars, may be Dugmore (is that spelled right) is
filling Bucky steel shoes...

from June 96
>A few weeks ago, as Sheila Lawrence was preparing for her record release
>party at Guido's, she got a call from guitarist Bob Britt. He had a fever
>of 102 degrees, he told her, and couldn't play that night.  Britt plays on
>the road with Pam Tillis.....

Maybe this can be added to the who's who list on we find
out for sure that Britt now a neverending tour  player

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