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Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 15:36:44 GMT From: (Ed Ricardo) To: Subject: All in? Not looked but could you be sure all these names Dylan says he listens to are in the EDLIS Who's Who, even if only a citation of this article can be given? THE BONO VOX INTERVIEW JULY 8, 1984. (What was it you wanted? #6) Bono: (to Bob) Do you know Brian Eno? Bono: (to Bob) Do you know Brian Eno? Dylan: Brian Eno? I don't know Brian Eno, but I know some ^^^^^^^^^ of his work. Bono: Is this OK?. Good! What records do you listen to? Dylan: What records do I listen to? New records? I don't know,just the old records really. Robert Johnson. I still ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ listen to those records that I listened to when I was growing up - they really changed my life. They still change my life. They still hold up, you know. The Louvain Brothers, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hank Williams,Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Charlie Patton, I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ always liked to listen to him. Dylan: You can still hear the McPeakes. The next ^^^^^^^^ generation may not be able to though. Who knows? I would hate to think that. Listen we're gonna have to get ready to ----------------------------------------------------------- Dylan: You have to reach! There's another group I used to listen to called the McPeake Family. I don't know if you ever heard of them? Bono: The McPeake Family! I'd love to have heard of them, with a name like that. Dylan: They are great. Paddy Clancy recorded them. He had a label called Tradition Records, and he used to bring back these records; they recorded for Prestige at the time, and Tradition Records, his company. They were called The McPeake family. They were even more rural than the Clancy Brothers. The Clancy Brothers had always that touch of commerciality to them - you didn't mind it, but it was still there, whereas the McPeake Family sang with harps. The old man, he played the harp - and it was that (gestures) big - and the drums. Bono: Were they a real family? Dylan: Yeah, they were a real family; if you go to a record store and as for a McPeake Family record, I Don't know, I'm sure you could still get them in a lot of places. Mentioned in Folk Roots Magazine Dylan: There's a group you have here, what's it called, Plankston? ^^^^^^^^^ Bono: Planxty. ^^^^^^^ Dylan: They're great! Dylan: I'd like to have them. You know Planxty? I also like Paul Brady a lot. ^^^^^^^^^^ ---------------------------------------------------------- Conducted at the Slane Castle, Dublin, Ireland prior to Dylan's show. Both Bono and Van Morrison were later guests at the show, Van Morrison doing his usual It's All Over Now, Baby Blue and Bono joining Dylan on Blowin' In The Wind. Published in the Irish music paper 'Hot Press'. Reprinted in the bookleg 'Talkin' Bob Dylan ... (1984)'

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