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Cale, John

Date:    Mon, 13 Mar 1995 04:11:13 -0600
From: (Ed Ricardo)
Subject: John Cale [Low Dylan Content Warning!]

A musician  who, from  across the  Atlantic, seems  to  have
great integrity is John Cale.

One of  his finest  performance is  the song  "Dying On  The
Vine". The  relevance of this is that the song is written by
John Cale  and Larry  Ratso Sloman!  I gather  he has  often
written with  Ratso (Caribbean  Sunset, Ooh La La, Everytime
The Dogs Bark, and the like).

It is  on his  Fragments Of  A Rainy  Season (Hannibal, HNCD
1872, 1992) an album of considerable quality. If that is not
enough Dylan  content for  you a  number of  the tracks  are
Dylan songs.  Including Do  Not Go  Gentle  Into  That  Good
Night. Yes,  the real  Dylan, not  the Matt Dillon televison
addict! Dylan  Thomas poems/songs.  John Cale is of course a

He is a haunting performer! Has anyone seen him live? I mean
recently, even I saw him in the Velvet Underground, now that
I think  of it  I even booked them for a college dance... Is
he often performing in New York City or elsewhere?

Is it  true he  trained with  LaMonte Young?  And is it true
that he was playing piano live on the BBC in the 1940s?

Favorite record: "She Belongs to Me" by Bob Dylan: John Cale on "Desert Island Discs" -

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