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Charles, Bobby

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Since there are lots of Band fans in this group, I thought I'd post this one here: who is Bobby Charles? On The Band's "The Last Waltz" album, they bring him on ("here's a great great songwriter") to do "Down South in New Orleans. I love the song, but my searches for any more of his stuff have Any help appreciated -- sorry for the Bob-less content -- (Ed Ricardo):
Unbeknownst to you your posting does have significant Dylan content!
Bobby Charles was a good friend of the Band living in Woodstock in 1967. He wrote the song See You Later, Alligator!?! This in itself is enough to make him a major figure in the history of music, but in addition his song influenced Bob Dylan to create one of the most significant landmarks of the 20th Century: See You Later Allen Ginsberg!

If you have not heard this then you must put that right today. It is one of those rare songs which proves that Bob Dylan can thoroughly enjoy his work. Essential Dylan.

Bob put it out as track 76 on his Genuine Basement Tapes (Vols 1-5 / Bob Dylan [and The Band] [1967] BD 200 2, BD 200 3, BD-SC-1900, BD-SC-80-07, BD-SC-80-06, [Scorpio, 1992]).

(You will recall that buyers do not purchase The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 3 [Mono] [T-222], but replace it with After The Crash Vol. 1 [Stereo] [T-258].)

Songs like I Am A Teenage Prayer, I'm In The Mood For Love, Don't Know Why They Kick My Dog, a lot of fine fine fine music, but See You Later Allen Ginsberg is the finest...

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