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Circo, Tommy

Date:    Wed, 7 Feb 1996 23:01:52 -0800
From:    gail marie wiese (gailmax@PRIMENET.COM)
Subject: my trip to Bobs place

in the summer of '76 i went up to bluebird canyon above malibu to visit
this friend of mine that was building this piece of art, this statue, in
front of bob dylans house. mr. dylan was off somewheres rolling,
thundering.  the piece was named "ode to tommy circo".  it was about 7 ft.
high, made of cement, broken pieces of ceramic, shards of glass, and jagged
pieces of metal.
up on the roof i could see about 12 workmen hammering on this giant
kremlin-like onion dome thing.
"you want a beer"? my friend asked.
"yeah, sure. who wouldn't?".
we went into the main house. in the gigantic kitchen was an
industrial-sized delicatessen-type refrigerator with glass doors full of
"wanna look around?"
the place was huge. one of the rooms, which my friend told me was the
"screening room", had only one place to sit: a Red '65 Ford Mustang
convertible.  an indoor Drive-in.
later on, when we were leaving, i said, "so, who's Tommy Circo?"
"Follow me down Pacific Coast Highway and I'll show you," he said.
so i followed him down PCH and about a mile and a half down the road he put
his hand out the car window and pointed up at this sorta retaining wall
type thing next to the highway. Crudely painted in huge faded red letters
was the graffiti:
"Tommy Circo knows the kind of woman he likes and that woman's name is..."
and then a big smear of paint as if the graffitist had
fallen off the retaining wall, leaving a big swash of paint going down into
the gulley next to the highway.

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