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Cooke, John

Photo-chronicler of the early sixties Boston folk scene.

Clinton Heylin:"Bob Dylan: Behind The Shades, a Biography"

In November 1985 John Cooke invited Bob Dylan to join the Stagecoach
Band, the country/bluegrass bar band from the Stagecoach Bar in
Wislon, to play at a wedding.

Bob Dylan " first visited Jackson Hole in November 1985 to attend a
wedding at Turpin Meadow Ranch, according to Bill Briggs, a member of
the Stagecoach Band, the entertainment at the wedding.
Briggs said Dylan arrived wearing ''city shoes'' in snowy weather.
''In general, he wasn't having a good time at the party,'' Briggs
said. ''So John Cooke invited him to sit in with us.''
Briggs recalled that Dylan agreed but said he did not want to sing any
songs. So the Stagecoach Band lent him an extra mandolin.
''For the last two sets he just played backup mandolin,'' Briggs said.
''He was really good.'' "
Casper Star Tribune, Wyoming, 7 June 2003


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