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Cross, Billy

Played with Bob. Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 14:38:03 GMT
From: Frank Justesen (Frank_Justesen@ONLINE.POL.DK)
Subject: European setlists

Yesterday I'd an opportunity to talk to Billy Cross who lives and works here in Copenhagen. For people who don't know Billy Cross: Billy Cross was the lead guitarist on Dylan's world tour back in 1978 and appears on At Budokan and Street Legal.

Well, I told Billy about Dylan's performing in Prague and the strange that Dylan not was playing guitar at all. Hearing that the first remarks from Billy Cross was: ... What did he do with his hands.!

In Billy Cross's opinion Dylan is the best singer at all. Nice to hear that from a man who have played together with so many great singers.

Billy Cross was very interested to see how much Dylan change the setlist during the evenings and I promised to send him these lists. But I'm still missing the setlist from:
Bielefeld 16th March - Lille 22th March and Paris 24th March.

Any help out there? ..... Frank

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