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Crow, Sheryl

Country/folk guitatrist who opened for The Rolling Stones in Toronto in August 1994
Sheryl Crow is from Kenett, Missouri, a small town in the bootheel on the Mississippi river. She attended the University of Missouri at Columbia for a short time.

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 09:21:45 MDT

Caught Sheryl Crow this past weekend here in Park City, Utah. Show was in a big old storage shed; asphalt floor, no seats, big ceiling heaters, jammed-in crowd (no moshing!). She did an excellent show! I'd highly recommend seeing her if you have the chance. She mostly did tunes from the album; IMHO they sounded better live than on CD, except for "All I Want To Do.." which I hate and makes me want to toss my cookies. For someone who (I assume?) doesn't have that much touring or live experience, she has a great stage presence, and was really into it. Plays good rhythm guitar, and her voice was hot. Check her out! (I'd recommend the CD highly as well...)

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