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Dennis, Carol

According to Howard Sounes' 2001 book "Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan" 
(see Corner Shop), she was married to Bob Dylan 
from 1986 to 1992 and had a daughter with him, Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan. 

``Bob and I made a choice to keep our marriage a private matter for a 
simple reason -- to give our daughter a normal childhood,'' Dennis said 
in a statement released by her publicist.

Subject: Look What I found - Re Ms. Carol Dennis... From: Nishama7 ( Date: 28 Dec 1997 16:38:43 GMT Subject: Bob Dylan's ex on Broadway From: -(snipped from PUSSSYKATT) Date: Sun, Dec 28, 1997 09:46 EST NY POST....PAGE SIX... A BIG Broadway secret: one of Bob Dylan's exes - and the mother of two of his children - is starring on stage right now. Cinemania Online's Roger Friedman reports that Carol Dennis, who's been knocking out audiences at "Street Corner Symphony," is a former longtime Dylan lady-friend and backup singer. The couple met in 1978 after Dylan split with wife Sara Lowndes, mother of Wallflowers singer Jakob Dylan. Dennis has since sung backup on every Dylan album, including the latest, "Time Out of Mind." She also sings back-up for Bruce Springsteen. She told Friedman, "I have three children, but I'm not going to say which ones are Bob Dylan's." Dennis, according to her spokesman, had made a pact with her kids not to publicize their paternity. "Bob Dylan has eight or nine children," Dennis says. "We're not trading on that."
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