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Dylan, Jesse

Son of Bob.
Date: 15 Mar 1996 15:07:39 GMT

George Rothe ( wrote:
: Appearing in today's Newsday:


: Jesse Dylan - son of Bob Dylan - is going to direct his first film, Walt 
: Disney Pictures' buddy comedy "The Deedles Down Under."  The comedy is 
: about two Australian high school kids who are shipped to summer camp in 
: the U.S. and go AWOL.  They wind up being mistaken for apprentice park 
: rangers and, getting into their new personas, save Old Faithful from 
: destruction.  Jesse Dylan has directed a number of commercials and 
: several music videos.

Subject: Reuters Dylan From: Brian James ( Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 12:11:39 -0400 Wednesday June 24 8:14 AM EDT Jesse Dylan to direct 'Dead' for DreamWorks By Chris Petrikin and Andrew Hindes HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - DreamWorks SKG has acquired the feature film rights to the Sega arcade game "The House of the Dead" as a directing vehicle for Jesse Dylan, son of folk-rock legend Bob Dylan. Under terms of the deal, DreamWorks agreed to pay a mid-six-figure sum to option the video game for the big screen and a seven-figure sum if the film gets made. Jesse Dylan is attached to direct and produce the feature version along with Jeff Rosen. Dylan previously had optioned the rights to the game out of his own pocket and developed a narrative storyline with writer Mark Verheiden ("Time Cop," "The Mask"), who will write the screenplay. Using the Sega game as the basis of their tale, Dylan and Verheiden's story takes place in a small college town, where the ultra-fashionable "Goth" house serves as a haven for zombies, who happen to be the hippest and most popular kids in school. After the death of a friend at the hands of one of the walking dead during a rave, and following a series of gruesome murders around the campus, the main character, Jenny, and a group of nerdy "necro-warriors" strike out to avenge their friends' untimely deaths. Dylan previously has directed music videos and TV commercials, including spots for Coca-Cola, Pepsi and MTV's Rock the Vote. He is looking to make his feature directorial debut with either "House of the Dead" or "Neverwhere," a fantasy film to which he is attached to direct for Columbia Pictures. Dylan also is producing the Evel Knievel biopic "Pure Evel" for Universal Pictures. Reuters/Variety ^REUTERS@

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