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Dylan, Maria (David Todd) - from The Telegraph:

Step-daughter. (Ed Ricardo):

I do not recall just how this thread went, but the song She Belongs To Me was written in 1965, the year Bob Dylan married Shirley Noznisky [aka Sara Lownds] the Playboy bunny. He adopted her [and Hans Lownds'] three year old daughter Maria in 1965. Now the weak point of Kent Crispin's theory is that the song predates the marriage and adoption, but it could have been written when both were being planned...

Maria married Peter Himmelman, but that is another thread...

As is any attempt to sing the song Sara with the name Shirley substituted... :-)

I believe EDLIS lists it as:

She Belongs To Me
/ Bob Dylan
[Bringing It All Back Home - 1965]
[For: Maria Lownds [later: Dylan] aged 3]

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