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Everly Brothers, the

The Everly Brothers (Don Everly, Brownie, Kentucky, 1937; Phil Everly,
Chicago, 1939) need no introduction as hitmakers of the late 50s and
early 60s, but it is the rather less well-known traditional aspect of
their work that particularly links them to Bob Dylan. Their famous
close harmonies draw on the Appalachian folk tradition of their
family's native Kentucky, and their remarkable album of 1959, 'Songs
Our Daddy Taught Us', a collection of traditional and old-time songs,
shows a reverence for such material which points forward to the Dylan
of 'Good As I Been To You' and 'World Gone Wrong'. 'Roving Gambler',
one of the traditional numbers on that Everlys album, has latterly
become a Dylan-live staple (an official recording appeared, on some
markets only in 1998, on the CD single 'Love Sick 2'). Other songs
officially covered by both the Everlys and Dylan are 'Take A Message
To Mary', 'Let It Be Me', 'Take Me As I Am' and 'Step It Up And Go'.
The Everlys have recorded covers of Dylan's 'Lay Lady Lay' and
'Abandoned Love'.

(from Chris Rollason, August 2002)

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