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Fabbro, Lawrence 'Larry' (1941 - 2010)

Larry Fabbro (1941 - 2010).

Followers of "young" Bob Zimmerman's musical endeavors in Minnesota are aware that Larry played his 
Silvertone f-hole big body, mahogany finish guitar (w/DeArmond pickup and Gibson amplifier) 
in support of Bob's stand-up piano & vocals. An early configuration of their band 
"The Shadow Blasters" played at the Hibbing High School Talent Show (April 1957) 
and also auditioned for the Hibbing Junior College "College Capers".
(Posted by Bob Stacy to EDLIS Café on Facebook) 

Larry Fabbro remembers school graduation night, 1959. "Bob used to
live across the street from my high-school girlfriend, Nancy. Her
parents and the Zimmermans were friends, and she and I were invited to
a graduation night party at their house. They had all their friends
there. I'll never forget that, because Bob's parents were really

Larry and Nancy waited an hour. Bob never showed up.

"There were a variety of after school clubs," adds Larry Fabbro, a
 retired auto exhibition professional. "I think Bob was in the Latin club..."

In 1956, Bob played at a school talent show with a
band comprising Larry Fabbro, Chuck Nara and Bill Marinac. Bob, as he
does in concert today, played keyboards. The response was mixed.

"We all had to go," remembers Dwyer. "We were all assigned seats. He
was singing a Little Richard tune - the principal pulled the curtain
on him."

"I remember the time he played on the stage and the kids kind of
laughed at him," says Sharon Kepler. "People play that up a lot. But
you have to remember that we were kids and not used to that screaming
and pounding on the piano. People claim that's what made him bitter,
but I don't think it was. He was never treated differently to any
other classmate."
The Bridge Interview: Larry Fabbro by Chuck Owston
The Bridge     No. 19. Summer 2004

Lawrence 'Larry' Fabbro Published: Thursday, September 9, 2010 6:08 AM CDT Lawrence "Larry" Fabbro, 69, formerly of Hibbing, died unexpectedly Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2010, in Pontiac, Mich. Larry's talent for art and photography was evident in his work in advertising and marketing. He earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical design from the University of Cincinnati and a master's degree in industrial design from Stanford University in California. Hibbing Daily Tribune

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