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Fass, Bob

From: Mark Landis (
Subject: Re: whatever happened to...
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 19:36:59 -0700

Patricia Jungwirth wrote:
> Okay, here's an easy one for all you sleepyheads out there...
> Whatever happened to Bob Fass? (I already looked up Karl Erik's 'Who's Who',
> and he's not there)
> Tricia J


Bob Fass has been on and off the air at WBAI-FM in NYC more times than I
can keep track off.  It's a listener-sponsored station with strong
left-wing and multicultural perspectives, and periodic staff revolts and
management house-cleanings have taken their toll over many, many years.

As of right now, Fass is back on the air (Thursday nights after midnight
seems to be his usual slot), still chatting with listeners in a very
half-distracted, half-ironic way.  In fact, a few months ago, he
broadcast a tape of a 1970s appearance of Phil Ochs in his studio, with
Phil parodying "Positively 4th Street."  Wish I had had the tape

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