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Foster, Jodie

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I recall one stinker after "Pat Garrett". It starred Warren Oates as a bounty hunter that was asked to bring back the head of a fugitive. Dylan did a good cameo as an artist sculpting wood with a chainsaw in a movie that starred Dennis Hopper and Jodie Foster. He should limit his movie roles to such appearances. A little goes a long way.

Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 05:40:00 GMT
From: Burl Barer (burl.barer@WWWHBBS.COM)
Subject: Re: Who is???

"Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia" was the title. Jodie Foster told me that "Backtrack," the film she made for Hopper, "Haunts my career from video store shelves." She only saw it once and didn't like it. She also didn't care for Hopper. He made her cry during the filming of the picture. She was quite adamant about this. I am not the only person she has said this to. She made similar comments in a magazine interview last year. I felt kind of funny when I asked her about it because she gave me a "real look" -- so I knew I was asking her about something that was NOT a happy memory. Ms Foster is quite a delightful person, from what I could tell -- I was only with her for a couple weeks while working on MAVERICK.. it was a lot of fun.

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