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Freeman, Eddie

Subject: Eddy Freeman was a song and dance man...
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 15:42:27 +0000

Eddy Freeman was a song and dance man...

About a third of the original Maccaferri guitars had an internal sound
chamber. Opinions vary, but many guitarists prefer guitars with this
feature, which gave a slight "echo" effect to the guitar. Many
of the guitars did have the chamber removed since it was liable to buzz if
the guitar got a jolt which caused the chamber to loosen. The original Macs
were built in a number of configurations, 1. The well-known "Orchestre"
model. 2. Modelle "Hawaiian". 3. Modelle "Classique". And 4. Modelle "Eddy
Freeman" which was a four string guitar built for a British orchestral
guitarist who played in a rather strange re-entrant tuning, rather like
that used by the American guitarist, Karl Kress.

You think he means that Eddy Freeman?

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 23:40:02 +1100
From: (Patricia Jungwirth)
Subject: Eddy Freeman was a song and dance man?

"the dead poems of Eddy Freeman"
Eddy Freeman was a song and dance man... ?

Could this be the Eddy Freeman from the '11 Outlined Epitaphs'?



look at that label!

and from: EDDIE FREEMAN "Bullwhip" / "Get Serious" KEM 2747 VG $12.00


Anyone know anything about this Eddy Freeman, or any other Eddy Freeman?
This one more likely than the Maccaferri guitar man? Country rather than jazz...
dead poems as in songs no-one listens to?


Edward B. Freeman, Jr. (Yale):

Born: July 6, 1939
Died: November 27, 1962

Ed Freeman, our Class Poet, met an untimely death at the age of 23 on November 27, 1962, in the crash of a Varig Airlines jetliner on a craggy peak in the City of God Region in the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Ed was flying to Lima, Peru after spending the summer in Brazil researching television scripts.

Ed attended Hill School and St. Paul's School before coming to Yale. At St. Paul's, Ed was the Captain of the wrestling and tennis teams and President of his class. He was an outstanding scholar during his undergraduate years at Yale. He was elected to the Board of the Literary Magazine, a Ranking Scholar and graduated magna cum laude. Ed studied at the Sorbonne in Paris during his junior abroad. He had expressed the intention of becoming a professional writer after doing graduate work in world literature at the University of Copenhagen where he was intending to enroll. Ed never married. He as a member of Silliman College and a native of Baltimore, Maryland.

Classmate Toby Berger recalls Ed arriving at Yale laden with notebooks full of poems he had penned. He organized a poetry reading in Sterling and authored an avante guarde play which was performed in Silliman. Ed frequently disappeared to Greenwich Village where he befriended a young Bob Dylan. Lines of Ed's poetry influenced some of Dylan's songs. An example was the 4th line in the 4th stanza of the singer's famous "A Hard Rain's-A-Gonna Fall," saying "I met a white man who walked a black dog." Indeed, Dylan explicitly mentioned Ed Freeman in a long poem on the back cover of one of his early albums. Meeting backstage with Toby at a concert in Cambridge in the late 1960's, Dylan remembered Ed fondly.

"Ed lived so intensely and fully as if somehow he almost knew his end would be premature," Toby concluded.

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