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Golden, Stan

Posted by Dag to EDLIS.
Sirs -- 
in the Who's Who section of your wonderful website, you have a brief entry 
for 'Stan Goldman,' who is listed as Hibbing High School Buddy.
In fact, I think the person you are referring to is Stan Golden, and he deserves 
a lot more note than that brief entry; 

Stan Golden is Dylan's first cousin, they were effectively raised as brothers, 
and Golden is probably Dylan's longest-standing friend and co-conspirator. 
Golden, who also once worked as a road manager for Dylan but is now one of 
the most prominent dentists in Los Angeles, was also with Dylan at one of the 
pivotal events in Dylan's life, an event that Golden claims changed Dylan forever: 
they both attended a Buddy Holly show in Minnesota, the show immediately prior to 
Holly's final show before his tragic death. Golden and Dylan were standing in 
the front, and Golden claims that Buddy and Bob stared at each other, 
and that Bob was never the same. 

I know a little of this information because Golden was my dentist for a while in the 1990s, 
and he was close enough to Dylan so that once, when I was in the dentists chair 
and had a question about Bob (specifically, if there was anyway to get a copy of 
the ABC TV special that was linked to the Hard Rain album/Rolling Thunder tour), 
Stan immediately called Bob, reached him immediately, and got the answer 
to my question (even Bob didn't have a copy).

Tim Sommer, Nov 7, 2009
Pearly King: Tales from the chair (BNET)

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