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Gover, Robert

In the Studs Terkel interview Bob Dylan mentions the author
Robert Gover and his book One hundred dollar

Gover, Robert  
One hundred dollar misunderstanding / Robert Gover 
New York : Grove Press, 1961

Dan Breazeale"Busy Being Born":

I don't really know anything about Robert Grover, but I well remember how a dogeared copy of "One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding" made the rounds of my college dorm when i was a freshman in 1962 -- it probably made it to Minnesota too. The book, though very tame (and certainly lame) by today's standards was hot stuff for us children of the 50's. It's about a middle class white boy who -- through, you guessed it, a "hundred dollar misunder-standing" -- becomes involved and infatuated with a black prostitute. One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding at

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