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Green, Delia

Delia / World Gone Wrong / 1993

Curtis' looking high, Curtis' looking low,
He shot poor Delia down with a cruel forty-four.
All the friends I ever had are gone.

Subject: Delia
From: (John Garst)  (via Michael Gray)
Date:  2000/06/10

When I told John Cowley I had found Ella Speed, he said, "Well, go find
Delia.  You live in Georgia, and Robert W. Gordon wrote a letter saying
that Delia was killed in Savannah.  His papers are lost, so we don't have
his interviews with Delia's mother or the detective who investigated the
case, but this ought to be enough information for you to find it."

So it was.  I got around to looking seriously for it after lunch today,
and within two hours I had it.

Delia Green, age 14, was shot and killed by Moses "Coony" Houston, age 16,
in the Yamacraw section of Savannah (characterized for me by a local
historian as "poor, black, and violent") at about 11:30 pm on Christmas
Eve, 1900.  She died early Christmas morning in her bed at her home.  She
had been receiving Coony's attentions for several months, but when Coony
claimed her as "his girl" she denied it. This enraged Coony, who shot her
without saying another word.

John Garst

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