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Grossman, Albert

Bob Dylan's first manager.

"Usually when he talked, his voice was loud, like the booming of war drums."
Chronicles Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 09:58:56 GMT From: Steve Davidowitz (davidwtz@STARBASE.NEOSOFT.COM) Subject: Re: albert grossman Cathy Grossman ( wrote: : Can anyone give a little insight into Al Grossman's history with Bob? i.e., : why they broke up and such? Did he manage anyone else? : Gosh..always wondered about that man with my last name... --------------------------------------------------------- Cathy, at one time, Grossman managed Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, Odetta and Ritchie Havens. . .One day in the mid-1960's, I was in Ritchie's 3rd floor walkup in the East Village with a Canadian singer/songwriter whose name slips my mind, but wrote a song (Sandy) on Ritchie's "mixed bag" album (this is at least 15 years before my aunt would wind up managing Havens in a strange quirk of personal history.) I was just crashing on his appartment floor, hanging out, when Grossman knocks on the door to see how Ritchie was getting along. Ritchie wasn't too happy. . .He had been playing for about $250 a week at the Cafe A Go Go as a preliminary regular act to the "star" performer of the week, (that week it was Oscar Brown Jr., or Paul Butterfield) plus all the coffee he could drink trying to support a family and a few other people in his life, going nowhere fast, he thought. He knew he was one of the mainstays in the village scene, had tremendous energy, great interpretations of many songs and deserved a chance to make a move in his career. They argued. politely. humorously. seriously. Ritchie wanted to know what Grossman was doing with his demos. Grossman was trying to tell him one thing over and over. And I vivdly remember the things he said as if he were standing in my living room right now: "It's not your time yet Ritchie," he said. "You're a great talent; you've got it, we all know that, but please be patient. . .it's just not your time yet; it's just not your time." A couple of years later Ritchie got his break. Two of them: Newport Folk Festival and Woodstock. I guess Grossman was right. Steve Davidowitz

From: (Jinxblues) Newsgroups: Subject: Re: Albert Grossman - still alive? Date: 3 Feb 1997 01:43:53 GMT >Is Albert Grossman still alive? I have a vague recollection that >he died last year but perhaps I'm getting this confused with >someone else Albert was taking the Concorde from New York City to London and died - literally - in the air. He is buried behind the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, NY. Dick Waterman

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