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Gypsy Fire

Date:    Tue, 3 Oct 1995 16:06:21 +1000
From:    Daniel Luth (dluth@ARIEL.UCS.UNIMELB.EDU.AU)

Whilst browsing through a NSW law journal the other day (as you do), I came
across a  bizarre court case from 1987 involving one 'Gypsy Fire'. Most
of it's full of legal mumbo jumbo, but the beginning sounds interesting,
and involves our favourite 'rock guru'.


"On 8 August 1986, the plaintiff brought proceedings in the name of
"Gypsy Fire" (her real name seems to be Emelia Caruana) claiming damages
from the defendent for the publication by it of an article in the
"Weekend Truth" newspaper in July of that year. The article is entitled:
        FIRE...starved herself of sex."
The contents of the article itself are not of such enduring value that I
need to describe them here. Amongst the imputations pleaded by the
plaintiff is that she engaged in obscene and indecent behavior (with
'rock guru' Bob Dylan) and another that she engaged in blasphemous
conduct (massaging his feet because she thought that he was Jesus Christ).
On the previous day (August 7), the plaintiff had cause to be issued by
the Local Court summonses against the defendant and its publisher
alleging that, by the publication of that article, they had committed the
offences of obscene libel, blasphemous libel and criminal defamiation"....

NSWLR, 1987 Vol 9.

The rest of the case argues about defamation issues and the like and
Dylan's name is not mentioned again. A few questions come to mind:
1/ Does anyone have any information on the above Gypsy Fire?
2/ Is she the one referred to in 'Went to see the gypsy? ;)
3/ Does anyone have the above mentioned article, or remember reading it?


From: "Emelia Caruana" To: Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 02:31:51 +0000 HULLO KARL I want to say firstly take out all there is about me in the lying story I sued in Sydney and more lies I read on your dylan site from London papers 1986 also all the other crap about where am I and homer magazine whatever it may be. The true story well a brief version goes like this, I LOVED BOB DYLAN'S SONGS, and I knew that I was going to meet him for 8years I felt this in my heart and sent my love to him in my meditation I listened to his songs often especially to "SLOW TRAIN COMING ALBUM" the songs he sang about the greatest man activist healer spiritual leader JESUS CHRIST were great so is the whole album. I was in america dancing and working in films went to dylan concert in santa monica, after hitchiking to buy a ticket picked up by his guitarist from topanga canyon in L.A. where I lived, went to concert talked to dylan after concert for 2minutes drove off with a lady friend my instinct told me to tell her to take a right at the lights came across dylan's van waited, drove into motel in santa monica car park. no one in site late at night. her and I in car waiting dylan appears walks to a car opens it up with flowers in his hand, i walk over we chat for five minutes i ask him if he got my gift i left for him at the back stage door with his stage manager, a jewish praying shawl and cap i found in the street one night with my sister a week before i was leaving for america with my 14months old baby boy. he takes both my hands tells me to take care and i walk towards the car half way i turn around and yell i hope you get the gift because i found it in the streets of australia. I know right there that i will be with him again that was 1979 In 1986 I am given backstage passes by a friend of my sister the manager of dire straits, lots of stuff happened, I go to first concert my seat is with members of mark knoflers band. I dont sit there i stand on the side and when bob comes out I know my psychic feelings have all come true, and i will be with bob, i start dancing and get told to stop by security as they use to stop people from dancing at all concerts, how sick is that, as soon as bob starts singing "everybody must get stoned" I walk infront of stage and dance and dance and dance. after song many people joined me infront of stage bob gets to the edge of stage and starts talking to me as he loved my dancing his eyes glued to watching me dance, I didnt know what he was asking me so after repeating it three times, all the people next to me said "HE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING LATER" so I pointed to myself and than to him that I am going with him. than he shook his head like come over here I stood there and all the people next to me told me he wants me to get up on stage with him, so i did, will continue my true short version of my experience with bob dylan later . EMELIA GYPSY FIRE. ********************************************************************** From: "Emelia Caruana" To: Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 03:11:28 +0000 after dancing to a song on stage I was violently dragged off, when concert was finished, I went backstage too many people were trying to get to bob's dressing room, even thou bob invited me to meet him backstage, I left and went to the hotel and waited for him. when he arrived I went up to him and he said "there you are" we chatted about my bruise when I was dragged off the stage, he told me to wait for him at the bar, I was chatting to someone and after a while I asked him if he had seen bob come in the bar, he told me bob had looked in a while ago. so I jumped off the stool and went into the lounge area,and there he was talking to a woman so I went and sat down across the other side and waited after bob looking at me a few times I decided to go sit next to him, they were discussing the bible, bob told me he loved my boots and stockings and to pass him the ash tray, we talked and I told him I was leaving as I thought this woman might have been his lover. As I got up and started to walk away, he came after me and told me he wants to talk to me, so he took me to the phone area and asked me to phone him the next day after midday and ask for a fake name he gave me. I asked him if he was fucking around and he said no he wanted to see me. I called next day he was not available and I was told to call back by some guy, so I did and was told bob wants me to go there now, it was about 4pm. I was freaked out the man I loved so much the great poet gypsy muscian bob dylan wanted to see me. I wore my bikie leather jacket, as I knew he will want it months before I met him, I dressed my 8 yr old son took a present for bob and off we went to see the wizard. I called from downstairs and was told the room number so we went to bobs room. the door was opened by a man and there was bob on the floor packing some presents, he asked me if he could try my leather jacket just as i had predicted so I took it off and threw it to him, he put it on and I told him It looks good on you bob. he asked my son what he did at school that day and my son answered nothing, and bob said that Ill be right, my son was rehearsing for an opera at the opera house acting in "peter grimes" and bob said he will support you one day. he wanted me to stay and send adam to his grandparents so i called my mum and she said it was okay, adam started to cry he wanted to stay and chat to bob, so bob told him he wanted him to come to the concert next day which I was definitly going to take him anyway. So I kissed my son put him in a taxi and sent him to my parents home, and I went back to bob we were alone he told me he wanted me to be in a video an australian director was about to shoot it, and I could dance in it we chatted about It, he told me to take my clothes off do this do that for the video. we talked some more and than we made love bob dylan and I the prince of my heart and mind my soul mate. to be continued. have a loving christmas and peaceful dancing new year. Emelia Gypsy Fire.

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