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Hamill, Pete

Pete Hamill is Editor in Chief of the Daily News, a journalist, novelist, and author. He wrote the liner notes for Bob Dylan's album "Blood On The Tracks".
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 09:51:29 +0100
From: Alan Fraser 
Subject: Peter Hamill

Hello Karl Erik,

I respect your wish not to copy material from other sites.
The URL of the page I copied to you is:$46

The liner notes that Pete wrote for Blood On The Tracks, and for which
he won a Grammy Award, are reprinted at: (updated to new URL 30.03.2000 KEA)

The ironic thing is of course that the notes were only on the first
printing of the album sleeve, and had been removed by the time Pete
won his award. They are still not printed on the CD insert, although
I hope they'll reappear if Sony do a remastered or gold version of
BOTT. Clinton Heylin believes the notes were removed because they
refer to the original "New York" versions of the songs later
re-recorded in Minnesota. Personally, I can't anything in them that
is invalidated by the re-recording.

Amusingly, the notes are reprinted unofficially on the CD insert
for the new Blood On The Tapes bootleg.

There is another (English) Peter Hamill who was the keyboard player
with the Manchester prog-rock group Van Der Graaf Generator, and is
now a record producer. Our Peter Hamill is not he.

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