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Harris, Emmylou

After her sterling work with Gram Parsons, she was recruited to sing harmony with Dylan on the Desire album, which proved a fortuitous break in her own career.

Clinton Heylin:"Bob Dylan: Behind The Shades, a Biography"

Olof once wrote:

20 DESIRE Released January 16, 1976 CD released 1986 (August 1985) Columbia's recent "Nice Price" reissue reveals a few seconds of track not heart on the original. At the end of the cassette version of "Oh Sister" you can hear Emmy Lou Harris say "I fucked it up." Then Dylan says "Where?" Emmylou responds "In the verse." On the disc you can only hear "I fucked it ..." The entire conversation is being faded out as it goes along. Columbia JCT 33893

Hurricane (12) on the Dylan album Odds & Ends (Sick Cat 006, [1993]
Matrix: SICKCAT 006 POCD) is from the session with Emmylou
Harris, the original version with libelous lyrics. She did not come back for the revised version (24 October 1975 [289]) released on Desire (1976).

Columbia Studios, New York City, New York, 30 July 1975. [286]

[It is also found on various other boots.]

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