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Jackson, Mahalia (J.J.)

From: (Braz50)
Subject: BD and Mahalia Jackson
Date: 16 Mar 1997 07:32:16 GMT

Evidently Mahalia was also one of the artists (along with Woody, Booker
White, Josh White, Lemon Jefferson, Little Richard, etc. etc.) young Bob
listened to, witness:

Gospel Plow from his first Columbia album (MJ's version is Keep Your Hand
On the Plow)

Jesus Met the Woman at the Well, evidently on a boot, the Dylan roots,
from 1961

These are of course traditional spirituals but I suspect Mahalia may be
the source for their discovery by young Zimmy as her versions were current
in the early 60s.

For the unfortunate unaware, Mahalia is a singer of vast power and
passion.  You need not be particularly religious to appreciate this
fantastic music. 

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