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Jamieson, Craig

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Resides in the EDLIS Mansion in Cambridge, England among mahogany shelves filled to the brim with Dylan vinyl, tapes, CDs and reference material.

Has admitted to visiting Norway, where he acquired a taste for the famous Norwegian "lutefisk".

Has a vague professional connection to Sanskrit litterature, a connection which badly influenced his health situation during a visit to India in early 1996. But he survived, and we are all thankful for this.

Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 11:13:29 GMT
From:    Craig Jamieson 
Subject: Re: Boo-Hoo

Brett Rudd ( wrote:
: something ticked at my brain.
: I have only been listening to Dylan for five years now and I was wondering
: what happened before this newsgroup or the internet in regard to bootlegs?
: Was it just word of mouth or "trade manuals"?

Wellllll, it is normally EDLIS policy to obfuscate, but as this is
for Australia I just might tell you the truth. :-)

The IS in EDLIS is Internet Service. EDLIS existed in another incarnation
before there was the Internet EDLIS. Data was exchanged on floppy discs
by snail mail and often they were corrupted, presumably in security
check machines.

Of course no tapes were traded, that would be illegal, and no one
broke the law in those days, too many Bobbies On Bicycles... ;-)

I came on the Internet in 1986, ten years ago, which was early for
the UK, you needed permission and a password to get through a
London gateway. Does anyone have memories of Dylan on the net
before 1986?

I am hazy about when I first heard a bootleg Dylan tape, but it was
on reel to reel, early 1960s. The quality was terrible, the sound quality,
as we were hearing copies of copies of copies of copies of copies...
And tapes circulated of many performers, not just Dylan by a long shot.

In a long ago thread I wrote about 1960s parties where someone would
arrive with a tape "just in from New York". I kept none, they were
all replaced by better quality tapes, vinyl or now CD and DAT. Anyone got
an example of a reel to reel which used to circulate? I mean really
poor quality, I know several serious collectors here have low
generation high quality reel to reel, some from famous names. And
of course many of our DATs and CDs are taken from reel to reel tapes.

To get an idea of audio quality tape your Karen Wallace [now
Karen Moynihan] May 1960 St Paul Armpit Tape onto the
worst tape in the worst cassette recorder you have, several times,
then listen back wearing earmuffs, standing in another room.
More like working at GCHQ decoding spy messages than like
listening to Guitars Kissing & co.

Anyone else care to reminisce about how they first heard real
reel to reel Dylan rather than commercial store bought Dylan?
It was much like bread, no one refused the white sliced Columbia
but a wholemeal loaf made with loving care by someone you knew,
welll it just tasted so much better no matter how lopsided it
might be... Of course in those days we did not realise it was
better for your health too!
A little piece of cornbread layin' on the shelf, uh-huh
A little piece of cornbread layin' on the shelf, uh-huh
A little piece of cornbread layin' on the shelf
If you want anymore you can tape it yourself, uh-huh!

Craig's report from Brixton 960330. August 2000: Craig published these two books: "The Perfection Of Wisdom" and "A Study of Nagarjuna's Twenty Verses on the Great Vehicle (Mahayanavimsika) and his Verses on the Heart of Dependent Origination."

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