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Jones, Mickey

Date:    Thu, 7 Dec 1995 01:40:22 GMT
From:    Joseph Cliburn (jcliburn@FLINTCREEK.WIN.NET)
Subject: Re: Hawks drummer on UK Tour

Jeff Rosenberg (JfryBlair) ( writes:
>The drummer on the British Hawks tour was the god-like, and never-heard-
>from-since, Mickey Jones.  One Mr. Jones who most DEFINITELY knew what
>was happening... and the greatest drummer ever to play with Bob,
>at least until Winston Watson came along.  Well and maybe Howie Wyeth...
>:::sniffing the air::: Ahh... I love the smell of controversy brewing...

You are correct sir.

According to Hoskyns (_Across_The_Great_Divide_), Bobby Gregg filled in
at drums for the December '65 shows in California. In January '66, Sandy
Konikoff, another Ronnie Hawkins alumnus, took over. And then, as the
Australian & European legs of the tour kicked off in April, Mickey Jones
was in the drummer's chair. Hoskyns is less charitable that Jeff about

    "When Dylan and the band did arrive (in Hawaii), it was with
     yet another drummer in tow - this time Mickey Jones, the over-
     weight Texan who'd played with Johnny Rivers and Trini Lopez.
     With his penchant for collecting Nazi regalia, Jones was
     decidedly eccentric, and his sensibility was as different from
     that of the Hawks as his ham-fisted drumming technique was from
     the rangy, loose-limbed style of Levon Helm. 'The Hawks' hearts
     were down in the swamps of Lousiana,' recalls D.A. Pennebaker.
     'Mickey's wasn't, I'll tell you that. He'd gotten out of Texas
     as fast as he could, and he wanted the bright lights.' Australian
     journalis Edgar Waters was to write that Jones 'looked like an
     out-of-condition pug' and made Ringo Star sound as subtle as 'an
     Indian tabla player.'"

Well, beauty is, I suppose, in the ear of the beholder. IMHO,
Levon Helm was light years ahead of Jones stylistically. Jeff & I
agree wholeheartedly about Winston Watson. A great drummer who has to
cope with what very well may be the best string band on the face of
this (or any other, for all I know) planet. That's a tough job! :-)


Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 11:00:04 -0500 From: Chris Friedrich (cfriedri@WELCHLINK.WELCH.JHU.EDU) Subject: Re: Mickey Jones/RAH '66 On Thu, 7 Dec 1995, Automatic digest processor wrote: > Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 19:32:02 -0800 > From: gail marie wiese (gailmax@PRIMENET.COM) > Subject: Re: HWY61-L Digest - 6 Dec 1995 - Special issue > > On 6 Wed Dec 1995 E.Strobes wrote: > > > >Anyone help me settle an argument? > > > >I maintain that the drummer on the Dylan/Hawks UK tour (from which the > >"Albert Hall" bootleg came) was NOT Levon Helm. > > > >Anyone know for sure? > I believe the drummer on that leg of the tour was Mickey Jones, now an > actor in films and TV. He usually plays bikers or bad guys. He's the long > haired, bearded biker on that tv commercial about Breath Mints that takes > place on a subway car to whom the little old lady says "I've been enjoying > your breath since 52d Street." > thought you'd all want to know, > max > > ------------------------------ Well, this certainly makes me re-think my pre-conceptions of what the Hawks looked like back then!!! Anyone got a photo of Mickey Jones circa '66? Chris Friedrich
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 00:14:36 +0000 From: John Perry Subject: Re: Hawks drummer on UK Tour In article: <> "E. Strobes" writes: >Anyone help me settle an argument? I suppose Ld Gnome could well have attended the Albert Hall ; Steve Mann certainly did.... >I maintain that the drummer on the Dylan/Hawks UK tour (from which the >"Albert Hall" bootleg came) was NOT Levon Helm. >Anyone know for sure? Helm knows for sure. In his book he says he left The Hawks before the UK tour because Dylan's audiences were persistently ill-mannered, which he found upsetting. Instead he went out and worked on oilrigs in the Gulf. -- J o h n
Subject: Re: Micky Jones radio interview was gooood !! From: VanManDan ( Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 12:20:16 -0000 VanManDan wrote in message ... It starts off with Diana Ross & the Supremes & the Temptations doing " The Weight " Things can only get better. Talks about his early years ----- Elvis -------- his apprenticeship with Trini Lopez. Did you know -------- he played on "Secret Agent Man" with Johnny Rivers ? Talks about Levon leaving because of a nervous breakdown. & about "Judas " & his work with the Telegraph. And then they play "I just checked in ---- to see what condition my condition was in" by Kenny Rogers & the 1st Edition. Yup ------- he played on that one too. And just to prove that we live in an imperfect world ---------- the DJ finishes off with a track from Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach (gag me with a spoon). Then moves in for the kill , with Areatha doing "Nesum Dorma" . If any of you completists out there would like a copy , let me know, Dan.
Mickey Jones.

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