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Kemp, Louis

Louis Kemp is a boyhood friend of Dylan's. He owns a company based in Duluth
that makes imitation crab and lobster from whitefish. Apparently, based on
something I read in one of the local papers, he and Dylan are still friends.
Steve Fletty

Louis Kemp is Dylan's boyhood friend, owner of Kemp Fisheries,
smoked salmon to The Last Waltz. He owns a fish restaurant in Duluth
(nothing fancy, but tasty) and was one of the first (if not the first)
to market surimi (pollack with flavoring added to taste like crab).
Legend has it he accompanied Dylan on the '74 tour.
Jon B Casper

Also according to Sloman, he was tour manager (along with Barry Imhoff)
on the 1975 Rolling Thunder tour. One of the pictures in the book shows
Kinky Friedman wearing a Kemp Paulucci(?) Fisheries T shirt standing next to
Dylan wearing a Kinky Who? T shirt.
Mike Willour

Fellow member of Camp Herzel between 1956 and 1958; subsequently organized
the two Rolling Thunder tours of 1975 and 1976.
Clinton Heylin:"Bob Dylan: Behind The Shades, a Biography"

A. Kemp Fisheries (1930- ) still exists, while Louis Kemp Seafood
(1986- ) was taken over by Tyson Seafood in 1992 who sold it on
to Bumble Bee in 1999 a subsidiary of International Home Foods a
company which was bought by ConAgra Foods in 2000 and then production
was moved from Duluth to Motley, Minnesota.. The original business
trades in freshwater fish from Lake Superior. The core of the Louis
Kemp Seafood business has been steam-baked North Pacific white fish
pulp used to make imitation shellfish (surimi) such as Louis Kemp
Crab Delights, Lobster Delights, and Scallop Delights.

Louis Kemp Seafood
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