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Krogsgaard, Michael

_Positively Bob Dylan: 
A Thirty Year Discography, Concert & Recording Session Guide, 1960-1991_ 
by Michael Krogsgaard.  
Ann Arbor, MI: Popular Culture, 1991.  498 p.
ISBN: 1560750006        LCCN: 89-92336

(From the FAQ:) [The most frequently quoted reference guide on, and a truly massive undertaking - this book provides an exhaustive list of every Bob Dylan recording in circulation. There are minor errors throughout, and new tapes surface regularly, but this is an essential guide for any serious collector...]

Krogsgaard = Krogsgaard's 1991 reference book, Positively Bob Dylan. A Krogsgaard number would be in a form such as [7/201]. This refers to item seven in the Krogsgaard listing for event 201. Badly addicted readers can be told such a number and then immediately sing the relevant item without reference to the Krogsgaard book itself!

- There is a book called "Positively Bob Dylan" by Michael Krogsgaard (this book is frequently referred to simply as 'Krogsgaard' on this newsgroup). This tome numbers Dylan's various performances and lists the songs performed at each and every known Bob Dylan recording through early 1991. There are always gaps and changes as new tapes surface, but this book is essential to the serious collector! It provides a fast, easy reference for identifying tapes and so on. The main disadvantage of such a serious book is that it costs about US$55.

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