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Subject: Who is Lambchop?
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Sadie Jane asked who Larry Lambchop is:
 Well, Larry Lambchop is the one guy you hear above all others at various
Dylan shows in Europe shouting, in a deep throated English accent,  "Thanks
for coming, Bob, thanks for coming," "Play whatever you want Bob, whatever
you want Bob," among other shouts of encouragement/gratitude to Bob, which
are too numerous to mention. He can be heard loud and clear on many of the
unofficial CDs from Bob's UK shows of the last 6 years, and is so renowned
that he was even accorded his own "track" on one of the Wanted Man "Critics
Choice" CDs, the one from Bob's UK gigs of 1990 ("CC1&2," I believe).
Imagine that, a fan's verbal shouts occupying its own track on a Bob CD.
Next best thing to Bob singling you out at a concert :-)
   Craig, can you weigh in with your thoughts on Lambchop?

Peace - Moe

From: (Jim McWilliams) Newsgroups: Subject: Re: LAMBCHOP Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 17:46:35 -0600 > The Critics Choice Vol. 2 / Bob Dylan & Lambchop > Wanted Man Music, WMM 053, [1994] > Monada > Matrix: GZ FA 1114 WMM053 > > Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, February 1990. > > You want the final track, I will say no more, even warning you this > much may spoil it. Suffice it to say that Lambchop not only gets > mentions from the stage but also appears on Bob's albums. And on this > particular one they have each received equal amounts in royalties! ;-) > > [I am not kidding, he has a track on this CD] I wondered what the hell that final track (#16, titled "Lamb Chop and Co.") was all about. On my CD, this track is an announcement forbidding cameras & recording devices, then a male English voice shouting at the top of his lungs "Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby." Then the voice repeatedly exhorts everyone to "Stand up, he's coming!" Then, presumably toward the stage, "Thanks, Bobby! Thanks for coming!" All is yelled as loudly as possible. There's more, but this is a representative sampling. Personally, I would find this guy extremely annoying, and I hope he never comes to the states to see a Dylan show. In Louisville, a deadhead in the seat next to mine insisted on standing in her seat, then clapping loudly (right next to my damn ear!) as she TRIED--I stress that word intentionally--to keep time during the acoustic numbers. Unlike some people on this group, I have absolutely no problems with people dancing or singing along, as long as it is kept off to the side and doesn't ruin the show for their fellow concert-goers.
Comments: Gated by NETNEWS@AUVM.AMERICAN.EDU Newsgroups: Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 08:57:29 +0900 Sender: The Bob Dylan Discussion List From: Matthew Zuckerman (zook@GOL.COM) Subject: Lambchop Lines: 28 >okay. So somebody fill me in. > >Who is Lambchop and how does he/she get all his/her Dylan Tickets? If you own Staying Here With You or Critic's Choice vols 1+2, you'll hear someone in the audience shouting "They don't deserve it! They don't fucking deserve it! Anything you want, Bob! Play it Bobby!" (Quoted from memory, but pretty accurate.) Lambchop has, I've read, attended every Dylan UK show and most European shows since 1978. He usually sits in the middle of the front row, using any means he can to get the ticket. A few years ago, Sony reserved the first few rows for "entertainment" purposes and Lambchop was in danger of not getting his usual seat. However, frantic phoning around got him the names of some of the ticket holders and he managed to exchange tickets. Therefore, we had Lambchop sitting amidst a few rows of Sony executives and guests. The lights go down and everybody rises to applaude as Dylan takes the stage. Everyone, that is, except the Sony execs. A careful listen to Critics Choice will reveal Lambchop's unforgettable bellowing: "Stand up! Stand up! You stand up in church; you stand up for Bob!" Lambchop once observed (again quoted from memory, but it's working well this morning): "Bob would probably be very scared to be in the same room as me, and I don't blame him. Actually, though, I'm quite harmless." _________________________________ Matthew Zuckerman (
Newsgroups: From: (Ray Webster) Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 13:58:20 GMT Subject: Re: Lambchop Lines: 72 With regard to Lambchop shouting during the shows I must set the record straight right away - he does not make excessive noise whilst Dylan is actually peforming, in fact he gets very upset if people are not attentive enough, especially during the accoustic numbers. I have stood or sat near to him on many occasions and he rarely shouts or claps until after the last note of a song has been played, and then of course he shows his appreciation enthusiastically. I was at Lambchop's side in Holland when the recent exchanges took place and to our best recollection they were as follows. 21 June 96 Utrecht, Holland During the accoustic set Dylan was very amused at something in Lambchop's direction, we were standing one back from the stage more or less in front of JJ and had decided that he was laughing at Lambchop's hat, a feather decked fedora a la Dylan circa 1975. Dylan starts to introduce the band and messes up on JJ Jackson then -- BD "And the Chopper - where were you in Cincinnati? Why didn't you show up - we were expecting you." (we later assumed this to be a referal to Lambchop's Hall of Fame contribution and that Bob was mixing up the cities) L/C "I didn't know about it, I wasn't invited." BD "This man has seen me play more times than me" (continues to introduce the band over many song requests from the audience) "- and a big hand for the Chopper - listen to what he is saying." (applause and more song requests from the audience) L/C "You're the guv'ner - you always have been and you always will be, play what YOU want to play - YOU choose." BD "Yeah - big hand for the Chopper." 22 June 96 Brussels, Belgium Before introducing the band - BD "The Chopper - (mumbles) - he's seen me play more times than me" After the encore Dylan gave Lambchop two 'high fives' and walked away backwards saying something we couldn't understand. Ray Webster

Lambchop from the Hyde Park 96 TV broadcast.

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