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Law, Tom

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Date: Thu, 25 May 1995 17:45:58
Subject: Re: The Castle
From: jcliburn at (Joseph Cliburn)

>It might make an interesting thread if people were to relate what they
>know of The Castle?
>It is in the Los Feliz hills of Los Angeles, and was owned by Tom 
>Law who worked for Albert Grossman. 

>From Wavy Gravy's (1974) book, which is like a high school yearbook:

TOM LAW. Juke Savage yogi, Lisa's husband, and one-time child star.
Mr. Law is currently under siege.  Gives good foot.

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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 15:27:04 -0500
Subject: Tom Law entry

Just wanted to make a small correction to the Who's Who listing. Tom is John
Phillip Law's brother. John owned (and still owns) the Castle, but Tom is the
one who was (but no longer is) married to Lisa Law. Tom lives in NYC. I'd prefer
it if you didn't use my name or e-mail address, but I can guarantee you that
this info is correct. 


From: Eastineast at Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 00:40:16 EST Subject: Tom Law I was seeing Tom in 1964-65 after dating Peter, Paul and Mary's bassist, Dick Kniss. Tom was working for Al Grossman and acting as PP&M's road manager.╩Tom was Cornell educated, pipe smoking, hemp sweater wearing with╩dark blonde╩hair just touching his turtle neck. He was going to begin╩assisting Mike Nichols on Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. At that time, he split his time between NYC and LA. The family owned a place on West 78th St in New York but I think he was raised in both cities. His brother, John was just getting into film with The Russians Are Coming... and was the most remarkably handsome man I had ever seen. 6' 6'' tall with the most mesmerizing eyes. Tom was brilliant- John... I remember one night driving down Hollywood Boulevard is the Law's old Citroen laughing our asses off when Tom would make the suspension bump up and down with a handle he would push in and out. We drove to The Castle and spent the evening with Donovan and some wacky guy named Jack who wore purple tights and came down a firepole ( or did he?) Then 4 or 5 of us took off for China Town where Jack ( who spoke fluent Mandarin ) went back into the kitchen of the restaurant to over see the preparation of our meals. A few moments later the Chinese Chef chased him out with a clever. This stuff is too surreal to fabricate. It was the late 60's in LA. The music, the ideas and the characters╩creating them were my life. ╩It was wonderful. Ellen Eastin

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