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Lee, C. P.

Subject: Re: Who is CP LEE
From: Peter Stone Brown (
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 22:21:41 -0400

Dr. Lee is a raconteur of the highest order.  He is also a true
gentleman and a musician which does not necessarily go hand in hand
with being a gentleman.  He also has doctorate in popular music and is
a professor.  More to the point here, he is the author of "Like The
Night/Bob Dylan and the road to the Manchester Free Trade Hall,"  one
of the finest books about Mr. Dylan.  Even more importantly, Dr. Lee
carries the spirit of the beautiful Lord Buckley whereever he goes. 
If you do not know who Lord Buckley is, it will enhance your life to
find out.

Subject: Re: Who is CP LEE From: John Parsons (john@MTC.CHEM.UVA.NL) Date: 13 Oct 1998 06:48:37 -0700 Unless I'm very much mistaken C.P. Lee in question is the same person as the C.P. Lee who was one of Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias, a Manchester-based comedy/rock band. I have fond (but hazy) memories of seeing them regularly in my final year or so in Manchester (1976-77). I wonder what happened to the rest of the band?

C P Lee.

C.P. Lee interviewed on CNN, November 1998.


"Like a Bullet of Light: The Films of Bob Dylan" from and

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