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Lightfoot, Gordon

Date:          Tue, 29 Aug 95 12:16:07 0400
From:          Daniel Olson (

Wrote "Early Morning Rain" (which is on Self 
Portrait), and was a friend of Dylan's over the years.  He played with 
the Rolling Thunder Review in Toronto. 

When Dylan played Toronto in 1990, he introduced the song "Barbara Allen" saying Lightfoot had taught it to him. Maybe not true, just an audience pleaser, but nice touch.

That was also the concert in which BD said, after the first few songs, "There seem to be a lot of empty seats in the first few rows." Then again after the next song, and members of the audience rushed down to fill them. (It was the O'Keefe Centre, a fairly staid venue, which reserved seating only. I figured Bob was filling up the empty American Express "Front of the line" seating with people who really wanted them, not corporate types who buy the good seats just in case they happen to be freee that evening, or have a business associate they need to impress.

From: (Frinjdwelr) Newsgroups: Subject: Re: Any news on Dylan/Lightfoot 2000? Date: 14 Jan 2000 04:34:58 GMT >Peter Stone Brown wrote: [unrelated quoted text edited out - b0b] >Lightfoot btw happens to be a huge Dylan fan and when he >won the Candian Juno award for lifetime achievement, Dylan was the one >who presented it to him. Just as an addition, if my memory serves, the Juno people had offered Lightfoot this award several times, but he said he'd only accept it if they got Bob to present it, ( in exchange for Bob's having almost burned Lighfoot's house down during a post RTR show party) The short video of Bob's presentation is an absolute hoot. He does his best stumbling onto the stage routine. Then apparently embarressed by the resultant standing ovation he turns his back on the audience. This puts him face to face with an entire wall of live video screens, reflecting his own face about 100 times. After his jaw drops about a foot, he decides the best route is to get the thing over with and exit the stage as fast as possible. But Bob and Gordon are obviously fond of each other. (apologies to everyone for whom this rambling is old news) Ken Danby's portrait of Gordon Lightfoot

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