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Mad Bear

Subject: Mad Bear(Was:rolling thunder review tape)
From: Margaret Andreas (U0A75@WVNVM.WVNET.EDU)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 16:35:05 -0400

If it is the same Mad Bear *I* know....
he is Mad Bear Anderson, a legendary figure in Native American medicine.
Written about in the wonderful book _Rolling Thunder_ by Doug Boyd
 (copyright 1974 by Robert Briggs Associates, A Delta Book, Dell Publishing
Co., inc.. ISBN: 0-440-57435-8)--Mad Bear was (is?) an associate of the
Shoshone Medicine Man Rolling Thunder.  Mad Bear belongs to the
Tuscarora tribe,  of the Iroquois Nation.  Doug Boyd describes him thusly:
 "Mad Bear did not at all match my image of him.  I had never seen anyone
quite like him before, yet it seemed very reasonable to me that there should
be such a person.  His name suited him, or perhaps it was the other way around.
Big and round, with short black hair, he was wearing a Hawaiian-print
shirt and a wide grin which clamped a tipped cigar between big teeth."

Mad Bear is a highly sophisticated, articulate, and skilled Medicine Man
who has traveled widely and lived and studied with Druids, Vikings,
Tibetans, Hindu yogis, and various aboriginal peoples in Asia and
Africa.  He has been the catalyst for many healings.

Here's some of his words:

-----------------------------------begin excerpt----------------------------
from _Rolling Thunder_ by Doug Boyd

Mad Bear said: "The purpose of good medicine is to make it simple.
There's no need to create any opposing destructive force; that
only makes more negative energy and more results and more

"If you have a sense of opposition--that is, if you feel contempt for
others--you're in a perfect position to receive their contempt.
The idea is to not be a receiver.  You people have such anger
and fear and contempt for your so-called criminals that your
crime rate goes up and up.  Your society has a high crime rate
because it is in a perfect position to receive crime.  You
should be working WITH these people, not in opposition to
them.  The idea is to have contempt for crime, not for people.
It's a mistake to think of any group or person as an opponent,
because when you do, that's what the group or person will
become to you.  It's more useful to think of every other person
as another YOU--to think of every individual as a representative
of the universe.

"Every person is plugged into the whole works.  Nobody is
outside it or affects it any less than anybody else.  Every person
is a model of life, so the true nature of a person is the nature
of life.  I don't care how low you fall or how high you climb,
economically or academically or anything else, you still
represent the whole thing.  Even the worst criminal in life
imprisonment sitting in his cell--the center of him is the
same seed, the seed of the whole creation."

--------------------------end excerpt------------------------

                                          -- Marguerita

From: (Mohawk) Newsgroups: Subject: Re: rolling thunder revue tape Date: Sun, 04 Aug 1996 23:10:15 GMT You can find a picture of Mad Bear Anderson of the Tuscarora Nation on my website Look in the links under "Tuscarora Reservoir Protest" Mad Bear is the one in lower right corner. Mohawk

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