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Manuel. Richard

Date:    Wed, 12 Jul 1995 23:54:54 +0000
From:    Patricia Jungwirth (tricia.j@AARDVARK.APANA.ORG.AU)
Subject: Re: Judas, Manuel, Revelations ... My mistake!

Whoops! Barney Hoskyns making a list of 100 great voices and leaving out
Richard Manuel? How silly of me! Of course he was there, only under 'B'
for Band, not 'M' for Manuel. For the record, here's the entry:

> 4-6 The Band (Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Richard Manuel)
> Acadian Driftwood (1975) The Band: To Kingdom come Capitol CDP792171-2
>All for one and one for all: three bruised, ragged voices sufficiently
>close in timbre and character to warrant being listened to as a
>beautiful three-headed beast. On Robbie Robertson's pining song of
>exile, Danko, Helm and Manuel sang their country-soul hearts out,
>taking verses individually before coming together in harmonies that
>resonate with ancient woes.

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