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Martinez, Hirth (Ed Ricardo):

Who is Hirth Martinez? Is he still listened to, still making albums? How high profile is he in the music scene in California? Anyone seen him in concert? Is he bootlegged? Does Bob Dylan still consider him to be extraordinary? Is Comin' Round The Moon the best track on his Hirth From Earth LP? Is Hirth correct in literally and seriously believing Robbie Robertson is an alien, a being from outer space? Does Dylan develop an interest in these people just because they are weird, like characters in a freak show? Anyone have Hirth Martinez tapes to trade? ;-)

Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 16:40:51 -0800
From: (Ed Shorer)
Subject: RE: Hirth Martinez

As I briefly mentioned, I saw Hirth playing in a free, outdoor/patio bar setting a couple of Fridays ago. Even though he has written tons of tunes, he played little of his own music. Instead he played traditonal jazz (everything from Coltrane to Ellington). Still singing in his unique voice, he played guitar with a guy named Bobby Robles who backed him up with some fine guitar work.

I spoke with him during the break and learned that he rarely plays his old originals because, "You gotta move on, you know?" He plays at little local gigs (one music store very close to my home). He has some poetry out published in small press, and said he recorded some singles in recent years on the Fast Folk label. It's a shame he never caught on.

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 05:53:19 EDT
Subject: Re: Hirth Martinez

Saw your web site re: Hirth Martinez. It's a little out-dated. Want an 
update? Hirth is, indeed, performing live, doing primarily his own songs now.
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